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  1. kmacker69
    kmacker69 bmradio99
    Not sure why you thought I blocked ya during the game. I didn't and there are no hard feelings, I was just messing with ya. ;)
  2. Dewars12
  3. Dewars12
  4. Dewars12
  5. IU/Butler/Notre Dame
    IU/Butler/Notre Dame ap234
    Good to see a friendly
  6. IU/Butler/Notre Dame
    IU/Butler/Notre Dame ap234
    Is this ap234 from btown banners and HSN ? Sorry if not
    1. ap234
      Yes it is.
      Jan 10, 2020
  7. fan
    chili dogs & pineapple milkshakes; pineapple salad, pineapple pizza, upsidedown cake, pineapple cookies, pineapple drinks; plain pineapple
  8. BoyGeoff
    BoyGeoff SpartanDawgs
    Were at the game Saturday? If yes, then i was the only other person in Row 1.
    1. SpartanDawgs
      I was. I believe I saw you then. Actually my seats would've been right behind yours but moved to row 3 to get an aisle seat so I was sitting behind the 3 ladies in row 2. Moved at halftime to sit with some buddies... Looking forward to rooting for the dawgs with ya this season...
      Oct 29, 2019
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    2. SpartanDawgs
      You should have 4 seats opened to the left of you for 80% of the games because Indy Car driver Ed Carpenter never shows up. So your lucky to get Row 1 with someone who never shows up haha
      Oct 29, 2019
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  9. Jimmy Lafakis
    Jimmy Lafakis
    Proud Butler alum.
  10. BGDawgFan
    Former member. I no longer post on or read this message board.
  11. seadawg
    seadawg bumba
    We have recently seen an increase in ass hats who bring very little in regards to content on this board other than belittling players. It's simply not constructive. I prefer to point out the positives even when there are none to find. BTW, I am probably annoyed as you are with my inbox being overloaded with donation requests. Keep up the good work...
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    2. bumba
      I ignored the newest troll today. Couldn't take it either.
      Mar 2, 2019
  12. seadawg
    seadawg bumba
    It was not my intention to single you out as I was merely expressing my displeasure with the negative commentary. The coach is well within realm of criticism. However a clear distinction needs to be made with players. While they were offered scholarships, it was their decision to choose BU and represent this school. They are still kids IMO. I fully realize you are a loyal BU supporter. Please accept my apology.
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    2. bumba
      Are you kidding? No apology needed! It's seriously OK we all have opinions & I enjoy reading your content. I think that's why years ago we used to say stuff online that didn't bother each other because we DID have average players.
      Mar 1, 2019
  13. digitalmarketingcourse
  14. kmacker69
    kmacker69 6dawgman9
    First time, long time PAUL. What does this even mean? You have all of 4 post now all of them negative. I don't claim to be a basketball guru, but at least I try and add to the conversation.

    Trying not to jumble up the thread with back and forth.
  15. LA-OC-IE
    LA-OC-IE ButlerNut
    Hey Butlernut
    Yes Im from Long Beach but moved out to Cucamonga 15 years ago. Not sure why I threw in the OC when I created the handle?
    1. ButlerNut
      Cool. Family is in Murietta now, with one up in Riverside (down for you). I will be out there December 7-14
      Nov 22, 2018
  16. ButlerNut
    ButlerNut LA-OC-IE
    Hey there LA-OC-IE. Is this handle in reference to Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire? Just guessing from the California flag. I'm originally from OC and now family is in IE.
  17. I Am Butler
    I Am Butler SpartanDawgs
    What is the "young alumni donation"? Where do you get details about that?
  18. Quig/Butler61
    Retired as Exec. Dir. of the Indiana Professional License Agency under Gov. Bayh, O'Bannon & Kiernan
  19. Josh
    Hinkle is my home, Brad Stevens is my homie
  20. seadawg
    seadawg Jared Grubbs
    Jared, sorry to bother a busy dad, but I was credited for winning 50 against St Johns when in reality I lost 50 by taking the points and the Red Storm. Also my DePaul wager was not settled? On a side note, Butler appeared to drop the ball concerning the allegations.
    1. theenforcer13
      It appears this was paid out incorrectly as I put $500 on BU and it says I lost
      Jan 30, 2018