#13 and right where we should be.

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by FriarDawg, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. Insane Dawg

    Insane Dawg Well-Known Member

    I agree. Assembly Hall is awful.
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  2. Red1972

    Red1972 Well-Known Member

    D-bag Dakich hates Hinkle because he got beat there twice, once in 93-94 as an assistant at IU and in 01-02 while at BGSU in the NIT. Let's face it he just a n blowhard
    who is bitter because he did not get the IU job and hates Bob Knight.
  3. BU Fan in Illinois

    BU Fan in Illinois Active Member

    As I have always said Bilas and douchebag are one in the same. The guy SUCKS
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  4. BoyGeoff

    BoyGeoff Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Been to only 1 game at Mackey Arena. Nova v Purdue 2016. Nova won at the buzzer with a 3. Boy did the air come out of that balloon! Great Great game! As far as venue goes, it was incredibly loud. Louder overall than Hinkle, But....... Hinkle during big games is more intimidating with the crowd on top of the floor much more so that Mackey.
    As far as seating goes. I sat upstairs which is bench. Never had less room on a bench seat in my life. There was not enough room for the seat width. Kind of like a low cost airline middle seat and Mackey says: “hold my beer”.

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  5. Mark Shelvin

    Mark Shelvin Well-Known Member

    It is a terrible fan experience, but the atmosphere for opponents is very difficult to handle. Same with Mackey.

    Both aesthetically suck and there are tons of crap vantage points for fans, but they give them huge home court advantages (see Purdue versus Michigan St and Virginia versus Purdue playing every other decent team anywhere else).

    Hinkle-post renovations-is a much better fan experience. For the biggest of games and for good games on weekends, the atmosphere for opponents rivals Assembly and Mackey. For good games on weeknights and for ordinary league games, they have us beat. A huge portion of this is the student section setup and size at each of the respective arenas. But we have beat the gripes about the student section like a dead on here.

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  6. SpartanDawgs

    SpartanDawgs Well-Known Member

    Yeah Mackey and Assembly Hall's atmosphere is amazing but someone should remind him which team has the most consecutive non-conference home wins.
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  7. Sidd Finch

    Sidd Finch Well-Known Member

    And this is a function of the size of the respective schools. I seriously doubt PU or IU students are more passionate about basketball than BU students. There simply are more of them. I have to believe the percentage of students who are super interested in sports, mildly interested in sports , zero interest in sports, etc is relatively close at each school. IU and PU just have more students to draw upon. WAY more students. During the first Final Four, I remember reading an article that talked about how there were slightly more undergraduates at Purdue that year than there were living Butler alumni.
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  8. Tentozen

    Tentozen Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I thought of that when listening to him.

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  9. ButlerNut

    ButlerNut Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Let's hope that 100% of the Butler student section is filled with students wanting to make a LOT of noise...and they put their phones in their pockets...yell...scream...and make life miserable for Seton Hall.

    (and NO, I do NOT want to open the Dawg Pound discussion again!) o_O
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  10. the missing link

    the missing link Member

    I don’t miss the days when Hinkle had the rest room on the upper level with the crapper stall that didn’t have a door. Not a good sight watching some poor “sob” drop a deuce while being watched by the Butler faithful. Hinkle Field House is certainly a much nicer place today.
  11. theenforcer13

    theenforcer13 #barlowing

    DAWG POUND SUCKS. They only show up for big games. Plenty of local high school student sections do a better job than them.
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  12. ButlerNut

    ButlerNut Well-Known Member VIP Member

    If tomorrow isn't a big game...I don't know what else it would take!

    Is it too late to make it $1 beer night? ;)
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  13. Dale Denton

    Dale Denton Member

    I don’t understand this millennial generation. Back in my day, if you were a student going to the game, it was almost a given you got a little liquored up before going over to Hinkle. I use to think it was my obligation to the school and the basketball program. Lol. I guess nowadays these kids are too busy puffing trees and experimenting with psychedelics.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t classes start late on Thursdays? There should be absolutely no excuse for the student section to not be reckless tomorrow night. And if the Dawgs win baby, well then celebrate again Thursday night by quenching that thirst. Hahaha maybe this is why I only lasted a semester and a half. Anyway, good times. Bottom line let’s just get that dub.
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  14. btlrblldg

    btlrblldg Active Member

    Dan Dakich, much like Assembly Hall, is a disgusting ****-hole.
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  15. the missing link

    the missing link Member

    If a weeks worth of free adderall was provided to any student showing up and sitting in the student section for the entire game, there wouldn’t be enough seating available to go around. I think we could even sell out the early season exhibition game. Just a thought.
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  16. Blue three

    Blue three Active Member

    Totally Disagree. Nova, Creighton, and I hate to say it...Xavier all show up better physically and emotionally student wise. Enrollment is comparable and they don't have as good of a venue as Butler so no excuse why we are subpar in that category.
  17. fan

    fan Active Member

    three cheers and an Honorary Bachelors Degree for Dale
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  18. Dale Denton

    Dale Denton Member

    Haha you know it brother.
  19. MIBulldog

    MIBulldog Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Dale you sound like a curmudgeon.

    Man I don’t know when you went to Butler. I was there from ‘83 - ‘87. You were LUCKY if 2,000 people were at a game. I don’t even remember having a dedicated student section back then. The atmosphere is night and day different today. In the games I’ve been to this year (2 so far with another next week vs MQT) it’s WAY better than before. I think the students do a great job. Student tix for tomorrow already gone. I love the atmosphere at Hinkle. I have a buddy flying up from Florida next week who’s a college basketball junkie and Hinkle is on his bucket list.

    And classes late on Thursday. Nope. My daughter is a pharmacy student and it’s 8am Thursday for her.

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  20. jkcdawgs

    jkcdawgs Well-Known Member

    You just did. They suck. Extremely disappointing.

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