2011 Tournament Run Oral History

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by UDDawg, Mar 26, 2021.

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    Yeah I'm either thinking he didn't put a ton of effort into it since all 3 of those guys (Pretty sure Howard is back home now) are local, or he did try and nobody else had time to talk before he had to get this out. Not having Dopirak anymore to dedicate any time to Butler and just not really caring about the MLB or other sports that much anymore is one reason I'll be dropping The Athletic this year. May try IndyStar again or start contributing to Lukas' patreon in order to get the scoop on Butler stuff, although others will have to tell me if Woods is doing much more than reporting what happened in the games.
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    Woods is forced to wear multiple hats at The Star just to keep his job. He’s not going to know any more than the best informed on this forum.

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    Yeah, unfortunately, on top of Butler basketball and Olympic Sports, Woods has been given other assignments as well - including some with IU. Good that he's around just to have Butler even mentioned in the paper, because when he does finally decide to quit taking pay cuts, Butler coverage will disappear from local news/sports. The odd thing about it is you would think Gannett would have a dedicated journalist always poking the NCAA locally, especially for the USA Today. But, we all know how much they actually care.
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    Bring Michael Pointer back.
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