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    Kentucky and Butler are very similar teams- when it comes to free throw shooting. UConn got to and won the National Championship because of their free throw shooting. Hope Miller et al learn from that.
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    From a Jon Rothstein blog earlier at the Final Four....if that ever went down Butler would obviously love it.

    4. The NCAA needs to consider moving the Final Four to Indianapolis on an annual basis.

    Let's make this simple. The Final Four needs to be at a place that's convenient. It needs to be in a city where you can walk to the arena from your hotel and have restaurants and events along the way at your disposal. This past weekend in Dallas saw people traveling up to 30 minutes from their hotel to get to the venue where the games were being played. It also saw people having to take cabs to events at night instead of walking from outing to outing and bumping into friends and colleagues from across the country on the way. This isn't what the Final Four is supposed to be. Cities like Dallas, Houston, and Detroit do not make for a good Final Four experience. Here's what the NCAA needs to do to fix things: just move the event to Indianapolis each year. The city represents the headquarters for the NCAA and has the history and convenience to fulfill all the requirements needed to make college basketball's most important weekend a successful one on a yearly basis. This isn't a difficult thing to remedy. Let's hope it happens sooner than later.
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    The NCAA doesn't care....people still pay and go to the event. They just had a record crowd watch the game.
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    The media complains and whines about accommodations frequently, despite getting paid to sit court side at one of the biggest sporting events of the year. I say this as a guy who does get media credentials to games, but I also drive 3 hours each way to home games, so to me 30 minutes sounds like a dream. I'm sorry that not being able to walk from your hotel to the game you're getting paid to cover. AND you can't stop at bars and restaurants on the way and bump into other media members that you know on the way and you actually have to take 10 minutes and coordinate a place to meet? What a travesty.

    ndfan is correct in saying that the NCAA doesn't care. Could they have it in Indianapolis every year? Certainly, but then there wouldn't be the demand and efforts made by other cities to get the Final Four to come to their venues, and the NCAA wouldn't make as much money because of the lack of demand that they would then create. This is also precisely why they will never move the Final Four back into basketball only venues. Sure, the media might think it would be nice, but they'd be missing out on 50-60,000 seats they could overcharge for, even though a 20,000 seat arena would essentially ensure that no average person would ever get to go to the Final 4.

    Cities like Indianapolis and New Orleans are the best at hosting major events because of the design of the cities and the fact that they've hosted SO many before. It would be nice if it was hosted there, and everything was convenient and easy for everyone attending to do. But it's not.
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    As someone who went to every BU tournament game, Indianapolis rocks from a spectator standpoint. New Orleans probably comes in second. Houston was the worst by far. San Jose was good, but doesn't have the venue for a Final Four. Salt Lake was a nice set-up, but again, no Final Four venue.

    Do cities "bid" for the Final Four like the Super Bowl? Can the NCAA make more money depending on the city (outside the variation in seating capacity obviously)?
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    Yes, cities bid on Final 4's. There are stadium requirements (football dome), convention center requirements, and hotel room requirements among other things... The top cities are Indy, NOLA, San Antonio, Minneapolis, and ATL. The only other available cities I believe are Dallas, PHX, Detroit, Houston and StL but I'm not sure the Edward Jones Dome meets the requirements at least for the men.

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