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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by ConnersvilleBulldog, Jun 1, 2017.

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    The statement I was replying to was that the full starting line up was there, and that Booth did play in that game. And you are also correct, there was no Gillespie, Spellman...or Evan Turner ;)
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    There was Spellman, at least for 24 minutes of the contest. But if Evan Turner isn't in the game for any team that Butler beats, the game doesn't actually count.
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    Correct they were missing Cosby-Roundtree & Gillespie

    Edit: You are correct it was Samuels and Gillespie not Roundtree
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    Cosby-Roundtree played. It was Samuels, not Spellman who was missing, along with Gillespie. I was incorrect above. My fault.
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    boy, this is going to be a long off season...
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    Thanks to all the posters who clarified (or confused ) who played and who didn’t play for Nova in that game.

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    Agreed. But reliving that fun game from December is better than a lot of things that we could be doing waiting for next season.
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    Both. It's not hard to understand if you watched them play. This was a team that underperformed and should have gone further than they did. Period. IMO, they were lucky to get in due to the big losses they suffered as I have mentioned before. Let me ask you this. Would they have gotten in as a 19 win team? I don't think so.
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    Butler was the 33rd overall seed in the tournament, so they were essentially the first 9 seed, but because of the groupings of certain teams, they had to be pushed down to the 10 seed line. Here's the other at-large teams that they were ahead of:

    Kansas State
    NC State
    Florida State
    St. Bonaventure
    Arizona State

    So if you think that all those teams would have passed them had they lost to Seton Hall, be my guest. It's highly unlikely that you would be correct.

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    Covfefe ?
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    Yeah Villanova was lucky to have a #1 seed and win the National Championship after suffering a horrible loss to lucky Butler.
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    One of my favorite things about this past season was for the first time in a while not having to listen to announcers talk about how a Butler player will be a great YMCA player one day. It seemed like every time Rose Jones or A.C. scored the a color guy would have to include that meme.
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    It certainly seems that way, and I'm glad that LaVall got an extension and pay bump. I thought he should have gotten the job when Miller was hired, but I think the additional time at Michigan and Milwaukee helped prepare him to be the coach he is now, and I hope that he and the staff continue to grow and improve, both on the recruiting trail and on the court.
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