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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by ButlerNut, Jan 16, 2017.

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    I don't know if this is the best forum...but I didn't want to start a new one.

    With the way that X has shown up. And with our great season (even in a "rebuilding" year), I think everyone takes the Big East seriously. Heck we got 70% of our teams into the tournament.

    I would really like to see that evolve into some great out of conference games for the Dawgs. It would be fun to see us replace some of our weaker games with some bigger games. Maybe play Michigan State instead of Northern Colorado, or West Virginia instead of Norfolk State.

    I know that Northern Colorado and Norfolk State are good home games for us and give us a chance to fill Hinkle and a good guarantee of a win. And I know our SOS was already very good and our RPI was already very good. But the bigger the game...the more attention it gets...and the more recruits see us...and the more opportunities we have to show how good we are...

    Just my thoughts...trying to do something to occupy my next 9 hours.
  2. ThePioneerLeague

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    I think we are always going to have 5 or so OOC games against low/mid majors - don't think that will change. I think the area that we could see the change you are talking about would be to replace the likes of Northwestern, Tennessee, etc. with the MSUs and WVUs. And hopefully with BU's continued success/conference affiliation, we can get some more home-and-homes with teams of that caliber. The problem is, a lot of those elite programs don't play more than maybe 1 true road game in the OOC schedule. I think a key is to get in good Thanksgiving tournaments year after year.
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    There's always a balance to be maintained for the best interest of the program. This year, as it turns out, the balance was, in my opinion, almost perfect--enough challenging and more high profile games to gain recognition, prepare the team for the conference season, and allow for an opportunity for a very good SOS and RPI, but enough easier games to allow the players to get their legs under them and to provide an opportunity for the coaches to work on things and try different combinations. It's easy to say that now, but the world would have looked a lot different if we had lost four or five OOC games instead of one, as certainly was a possibility. In fact, Coach Holtmann made a comment near the end of OOC season that he was a little concerned that the schedule would maybe be a little too challenging, especially with what we lost from last year and the number of new players that were being worked in. I'd never want to go to a cupcake OOC schedule like IU traditionally has done. That schedule puts a lot of W's on a coach's record but does little to prepare the team for the conference schedule and costs the team significantly come seeding time for the NCAA tournament. The trick is to find the Goldilocks schedule--not too hard, not too easy, but just right.
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  5. the_speakers_lab

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    JVG said during the Pacers Cavs game, that since there are no NBA games during the NCAAT championship game, that NBA refs should officiate the game...

    Best idea ever...
  6. Insane Dawg

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    Yea then everyone can get three steps like MJ and knock people over like Shaquille.
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    Insane Dawg------SO DAMN RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The job Noah did of backing down Crone would be consistent with NBA officials.
  8. pjohnsto2003

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    Thought that was Al Horford. Either way, agreed, it is a completely different game from college, especially with some of the rules.

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  9. schoops

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    Different game than college, but radically better referees. I think NBA refs could have a single session on adjusting to the different rules and immediately do a better job than the crappy ncaa refs.
  10. dawgs2014

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    NBA refs have room for improvement, but they wouldn't even need a session to be way better.

    Would never happen though bc the NCAA would be inherently admitting their refs suck.
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