2017 Recruiting Recap

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    A look back at the 2017 recruits that had threads on our ButlerHoops board. Holtmann had just taken the job at Ohio State and LaVall was left to save the 2017 class. These recruits should have just finished their Junior/redshirt Sophomore season. Feel free to add any that I had missed or any recruits of interest.

    *I have always wondered how recruits have fared in other programs. Just for fun. I know some don't care and that is fine. As a high school teacher being out of work, I am desperately bored and looking for new content!*

    Musa Jallow - Ohio State:
    Jallow was injured going into the 2019-2020 season. He eventually red shirted and sat the entire season. During the 2018-2019 season:
    2.9 ppg 42.4 fg%
    2.9 rpg 33.3 3fg%
    0.7 apg 69.2 ft%
    15 mpg

    Cooper Neese - Indiana State:
    Our old friend Cooper played in all 30 games for the Sycamores. He started in 15 of them. They were 18-12. Potentially a CBI/CIT team.
    7.3 ppg 36.2 fg%
    2.5 rpg 33.9 3fg%
    1.2 apg 67.8 ft%
    22.4 mpg

    Kyle Young - Ohio State:
    Young, another old friend of ours, started 25 games for OSU. He missed 6 games. They were 21-10 and BracketMatrix had the Buckeyes as a 5 seed.
    7.5 ppg 58.5 fg%
    5.8 rpg 15.4 3fg%
    0.9 apg 65.6 ft%
    22.9 mpg

    Mark Smith - Mizzou:
    Smith missed 7 games for the Tigers. He played in 24 games and started 20 of them. Rough year for the Tigers as they were 15-16.
    10.0 ppg 39.3 fg%
    3.9 rpg 37.1 3fg%
    0.8 apg 73.5 ft%
    26.7 mpg

    Zach Gunn - Ball State:
    Medical redshirt this season. His previous season stats are as follows:
    5.4 ppg 40 fg%
    2.9 rpg 35.8 3fg%
    0.4 apg 82.1 ft%
    14.3 mpg

    Howard Washington Syracuse (looking to Transfer as of 3/14/20):
    This dude can not catch a break. Hoping he finds a nice home and a place where he can contribute for his senior season. Syracuse was 18-14 and looking at the NIT. He played in 20 games.
    1.2 ppg
    0.9 rpg
    1.2 apg
    7.4 mpg

    Wabissa Bede - Virginia Tech:
    Bede started all 32 games for the 16-16 Hokies.
    5.2 ppg 37 fg%
    3.7 rpg 22.2 3fg%
    5.5 apg 50 ft%
    29.8 mpg
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    Very interesting. Always wonder what happen to kids we missed on. Outside of Kyle Young it does not look like anyone was a game changer.
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    Was the real interest and push to land Bede pre-AT committing? I think in hindsight they were both recruited for, and hoping to fill, the same need, and it sure looks like AT has done a much better job of a defensive first - strong facilitating PG.
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    Losing Kyle Young hurt, the others were no loss. In Thompson the Dawgs what was needed, a point guard who could play defense and facilitate. I have to say it came out OK.
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    It usually does, that's why I don't get frustrated or vent off about missing on a guy. KY would've been good, but the others, eh.

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