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  1. BUcheer

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    With Joey getting the hardship waiver, could he even transfer to D1 without sitting another year? Can’t see him wanting to do that.
  2. Tedward

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    That fact that we continued winning this year compared to the horrible first season in the BE will keep the majority of the freshman around. I doubt that tucker will be able to play all of Martin's minutes when he joins mid season, so CD should get high teens to low 20 minutes per game next year after tucker returns and more than that before, which should entice him to stay around. JGB is my biggest flight risk concern because i don't think he sees minutes until PJ graduates. Hope he sticks it out another year, because he could be a match up nightmare with that size.
  3. MSUDawg

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    I know nothing in particular, but the story on JGB in the Star seemed to indicate he was working hard and enjoying the team. Everyone acknowledged he was going to be a "project" - so his freshman year is what, I think, everyone expected.
  4. I Am Butler

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    If Brunk transferred he would be a Senior before he played his Sophomore year. It's not happening and it shouldn't happen. He will develop just fine at Butler.
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