2018-19 Season

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by UDDawg, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. MasterSplinter

    MasterSplinter Active Member

    Mate...reddit is a life saver here across the pond.

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  2. kmacker69

    kmacker69 Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Well, I'll be on the road tomorrow to DC for the game Saturday... GT is playing better of late, but hope that a week of rest vs two games since we last played has us sharp and them dragging a little. Need this one or St John's games to have a real chance moving forward... Both would set us up for needing to only beat who we should the rest of the way. Not a given for sure this year!

    5-3 and a win in the BE tourney we're in this year. 6-2 we're set. After the next two we'll know what to root for; improvement in play for next year, or still a chance at the tourney. I expect to split them and keep us in limbo as to whether we can steal a win elsewhere and then hope we catch fire in the BE Tourney.

    I'll be the guy in Butler gear 4 rows up behind our bench, I'm not a little man, so ya should see me ... ;) Say howdy if you're there.
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  3. ButlerNut

    ButlerNut Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Be safe! And #GODAWGS!
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  4. Red1972

    Red1972 Well-Known Member

    IU loses again, it is always good when they lose.
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  5. UDDawg

    UDDawg Well-Known Member

    Except during seasons in which we lose to them. *ducks*
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  6. ConnersvilleBulldog

    ConnersvilleBulldog Well-Known Member VIP Member

  7. Sidd Finch

    Sidd Finch Well-Known Member

    Agreed. I get that IU fans are delusional on IU's place in the basketball world and most here are unhappy about how IU gets so much more media attention than they "deserve," but I don't see how it is good for the Dawgs (as far as getting into the Tournament, which is, very arguably, the most important criteria) if IU implodes and the wheels fall off.
  8. estar20dawg

    estar20dawg Well-Known Member

    Well if they keep losing, there's another spot available in the tournament for us regardless of losing to them they could lose the remaining games and they probably still wont fall out of the top 125 rankings and a neutral court loss by 3 still wouldn't be the loss to keep us out of the tournament. I say let them keep free falling out to open spots!
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  9. Sidd Finch

    Sidd Finch Well-Known Member

    Lol. I hadn't thought of it in that regard. There's some merit there, but it's still going to depend way more on how well we play. We will need to win some games to leapfrog over teams. All our competition isn't going to sink lower.
  10. ConnersvilleBulldog

    ConnersvilleBulldog Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Plus, it's just one loss. Even if IU collapses and misses the tournament, a neutral court loss at the buzzer to IU isn't going to be looked at as a bad loss.
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  11. Hinkle

    Hinkle Well-Known Member

    Crazy that even after the trainwreck that was January, the PAC 12 and mid-majors are so bad a whole this year that Butler still completely controls its destiny. Play well in February, and March can still be fun.
  12. Insane Dawg

    Insane Dawg Well-Known Member

    An IU loss is almost as good as a Butler win any day. Ditto for Xavier.
  13. Daddysmack

    Daddysmack Well-Known Member VIP Member

    On the good side if they can sneak into the last 4 in, they would probably get quite a bit of support with Dayton being so close. Here's to hoping.
  14. DawgsMD

    DawgsMD Forum Psychiatrist VIP Member

    I wouldn’t be opposed to that - I’d go to that game.

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  15. BU_NeonHat

    BU_NeonHat Well-Known Member

    I'm on there all the time; how does that work for a replay? I've only ever seen live streams and I'm not about to get up at 3am to watch
  16. WMUDog

    WMUDog Well-Known Member

    So you are saying it is a good year.
  17. ConnersvilleBulldog

    ConnersvilleBulldog Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Hulu Live offers 7-day free trials. There is DVR capabilities with it. So you could try that.

    I actually have canceled Directv for Hulu Live a couple of months ago and have really enjoyed it.
  18. bumba

    bumba Well-Known Member

    They won't be a .500 team by the end of the season.
  19. bubby

    bubby Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I would try that but I don't think Hulu Live gets the regional Fox Sports Network channels. Am I missing something?
  20. BoyGeoff

    BoyGeoff Active Member VIP Member

    I cancelled Uverse this year for Hulu and stream everything. I get all sports and networks. Pretty much the same as I had with Uverse. Saves me $120 month.
    You need a high speed internet connection, which I have. Have not had any issue to date with picture quality and access. FYI

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