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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by UDDawg, Mar 26, 2018.

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    LJ was an assistant under one of the top ten coaches in college b-ball. I’d bet he can tap into his former boss for guidance and to emulate Michigan’s offense in the off season.

    One concern I have is that LJ may be too nice of a guy. He is deeply religious, great family man and loves Butler and his players. I’m sure he knows b-ball better than anyone on this board. But can he motivate?
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  2. Trumpforpresident2020

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    I hope Lavall gets fired or retires!
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  3. dawgy style

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    Hahhaha I’ve watched so many missed layups this year. Watching those makes my heart stop for a few to many beats because of anger lol.

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  4. dawgy style

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    On a serious not this is my last post for awhile- some of u don’t like me I get it. This season I have felt what it feels like to be an IU (miserable season) lol I see how their fan base is so crazy! Hopefully Lavall can start recruiting his own players that will fit his style and the staffs style. Also hopefully Baldwin and company can all take a step forward in their game and we can get back to the dance next year. I hope battle is a stud like they say. Go dawgs plz finish strong

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  5. dawgs2014

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    Hopefully we get 2 then

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  6. ButlerNut

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    You're dumpster fire will be unemployed before LaVall
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  7. Baseline

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    Well written. A coach's job is to put his players in a position to be successful. This team needs an offense that creates shots FOR THEM, not the other way around.
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