2018 NCAA Tournament

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    Congratulations to Villanova on a much deserved championship!

    Was surprised to read today that three Nova starters had redshirted a year, and that Nova currently has five redshirted players. True player development on all fronts.
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    Duke did the same 90-92
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    Hope it's better than the new format of the TV Selection Show.
  4. Irishdawg

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    They won't do this, but I'd love to see the NET rating published, as well as how it compares to other analytical models.
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    A super short highlight from the article focusing on the actual tool. Not sure about the "10 point" margin of victory. That seems a little low, although I don't want to encourage running up the score on teams...

    The NCAA Evaluation Tool, which will be known as the NET, relies on game results, strength of schedule, game location, scoring margin, net offensive and defensive efficiency, and the quality of wins and losses. To make sense of team performance data, late-season games (including from the NCAA tournament) were used as test sets to develop a ranking model leveraging machine learning techniques. The model, which used team performance data to predict the outcome of games in test sets, was optimized until it was as accurate as possible. The resulting model is the one that will be used as the NET going forward.

    The NET was built to create a ranking system that was as accurate as possible while also evaluating team performance fairly. To ensure fairness, certain types of data were omitted from the model. Of key importance, game date and order were omitted to give equal importance to both early and late-season games. In addition, a cap of 10 points was applied to the winning margin to prevent rankings from encouraging unsportsmanlike play, such as needlessly running up the score in a game where the outcome was certain.
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    Anyone with time know where Butler stands relative to others last year (or further back) when using the new analytics?

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    Last year Butler's RPI heading into the tournament was #41. Butler's Kenpom (which the new NET is similar to) was #25.

    *Source: IrishDawg posted this over on HolyLand of Hoops.
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  9. MSUDawg

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    That's right, and when the tournament was complete BU was #20. https://kenpom.com/
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