2019 NCAA Tournament

Discussion in 'Around the League' started by ButlerNut, Mar 19, 2019.

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    I don’t drink.
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    Happy for virgina and bennet
    Used to watch him coach washington state out here in the west and my younger brother went to his camp in high school and then played him ina. Secret scrimmage when he played for university of Montana, younger brother always talked about how amazing he was.
    I had always agreed and he deserves this title with how he coaches, teaches, and recruits for his team
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    Was a bit disappointed with broadcast from last night. But only at the end. The confetti hadn't even finished falling from the ceiling when the announcers hit their pre-canned statements about Virginia being the first #1 to lose to a #16. Everyone knew that already. No need to bring it up IMMEDIATELY after the game. And at least 10 more times before I turned it off. Let Bennett and the team celebrate 2019 for a bit and focus on this accomplishment, before bringing up last year's "accomplishment." Last year Virginia was the FIRST to lose to a 16. This year was the team's FIRST NCAA Championship. Which FIRST do you think matters more to the school, the kids, the coaches, the fans, and the community?
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    Yeah, but we will have to wait a whole year for more Charles Barkley, Samuel Jackson, Spike Lee commercials. I love those! I'm gonna go out and buy a Chuxedo this weekend.
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