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    My money is Taylor or Ali as the leading scorer, with Hunter as the darkhorse.

    Harris is at his best helping the team to win in any way possible. That's not necessarily being the leading scorer and forcing a bunch. He never did that in high school or AAU. He made his team mates better. He reminded me of a Jrue Holiday guy

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    Well written. As a HS senior he averaged 12/4 and 4. Solid numbers for a strong contributor on a state championship team, and probably a role he is much more comfortable with. His efficiency should greatly improve without the pressure he was under over the past two seasons. Hopefully structure, confidence and experience produce an improved jr year and then a stellar senior season.
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    I think everyone's role will be a little different with a new coach and system, and I agree thats where Harris will settle. I think the leading scorer depends on who is the 6th man and who is the starting 3. Right now I feel like Hunter, Harris, Ali, and Bates are pretty safe starters and Simas and Taylor will be competing for that last spot. If Taylor gets 30 minutes per game, he will be our leading scorer. He's an incredible offensive talent who even in his less than stellar performances will put up points. I really think Taylor can be one of the best scorers we've seen. He's got 3 level scoring potential and high major athleticism to go with it. I think Taylor could not only be a Butler breakout star, but if we are as good as I think we can be, one of the breakout stars of college basketball. Dude is built different quite frankly. Love his mentality.
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    IMO Harris has to run some PG if he wants to play at the next level. He’s only 6’2”. Perhaps Thad had a conversation with him stating that he will be less “option 1” on this team and more distributor/opportunistic driver and spot shooter. He could still avg 10ppg but like Willie mentioned more efficient and not “chucking” 10 FGA at the basket every night. Talent is there and we know he is capable of hitting 40% from 3 in the right situations. However, he was dominant down the final stretch of the season.

    Tate was damn quick with a decent shot his freshman year. He looked rusty in he sparse minutes this season but looked like he still had his quickness. He’s an unknown that point but i see him starting at the 1 again his junior season (23-24). I’m just glad we don’t have to force his knees to do too much next season (15 min/game)

    Hunter in my eyes is a more experienced and efficient version of Harris, albeit bigger. Had Hunter been on this team the last 2 seasons, you likely would have seen a fuller stat sheet had he been the focus of the offense.

    Taylor I think had the most upside from the team we watched last season. He and Pierce have been working with the shot doctor in the off-season and he truly has the height and ability (38% 3P shooter in HS) to be the leading scorer within a season or 2.

    Luko is amazing but his game is a “lull you to sleep” style I think he can also be a spot of shooter and bully undersized defenders. He had the ability but needs to be more consistent (27 against X, 4 against providence). With his 95%FT in conference play, he should look to do more drives and post ups to take advantage of that.

    Wilmoth and Pierce are wild cards. They definitely have the athleticism but I’m not sure what part of their game they will excel at to warrant significant minutes at their position. I was high on PT coming out of HS but I haven’t really seen how his defense or slow release will play out in the BE. We saw Wilmoth in stretches but his confidence was shot all season.

    Ali: I honestly don’t know much about him other than he can shoot and was selected for the All-MAC team. Being 6’8” most of his production comes of slashing and taking guys off the dribble. It’ll be interesting to see how he fairs against BE size— his role will likely be that of Nze but with more slashing and less posting up.

    J Thomas is solidly built and is a good rebounder, also a decent FT shooter.

    Bates has been thoroughly covered.

    JMM is known at this point

    Between Hughes and Turnbull I think one should be redshirted. It’ll probably be 2 years before Hughes sees significant minutes with the addition of our new bigs and dear god he needs to improve his FTs. Turnbull definitely has the offensive power but lacks strength. However we will likely need one of them For foul trouble spot minutes and as injury insurance.

    For as bad as our offense was last year, all of our freshmen had pretty damn good on-ball defense all things considered, they just didn’t have the backup if they got beat. Now we do.


    G: Hunter>Harris>Tate
    Wing: Taylor>Simas>PThomas
    Forward: Ali>Wilmoth>Hughes=Turnbull
    Center: Bates>JThomas>JMM

    Thad has lots of options in terms of lineup depending on offense/defense. Can run Hunter/Harris together for smaller lineup or Bates/JThomas for larger one. I’m salivating at the option of running Bates/Turnbull alongside each other once he bulks up.

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    Interesting that Wilmoth is changing numbers. Complete fresh start for that dude…

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    I believe that's Scooby Johnson's old number that wound up never getting used.
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    Hoping he has a great yr!
  13. SCbulldogsfan4life

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    I'm really pulling for this kid. I think he brings something unique compared to the PGs we've seen going back the last 15 years or so.
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    If Tate is as good as he can be, the sky is the limit for this team. A true point guard who can score and create would unlock the talent. Really rooting for him.
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    Surprised that Hunter is getting AT's number before it even gets cold...
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    Hopefully it isn't cursed so that he doesn't forgets how to shoot 3s and FTs,
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    Glass being overflowing thus far, I see it more as an exorcism.

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    #25 Simas

    (Creighton with #3 (Kaluma), #5 (Nembhard), and #16 (Alexander).)

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    Emoni Bates, who absolutely no one wanted, is somehow 14.

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