Aaron Thompson - 2017 Point Guard (Signed)

Discussion in '2017 Recruiting Profiles' started by Jared Grubbs, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. MilkSteak

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    Norte Dame - 15th
    Purdue - 60th
    IU - 80th
    BSU - 176th

    Virginia - 24th
    William & Mary - 32nd
    Virginia Tech - 74th
    George Mason - 143rd
    VCU - 164th

    VCU screams "safety school" to me. Normally, I would let it go, but VCU fans are turds.
  2. bumba

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    Great news, welcome AT. Wow what a recruiting class.
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  4. MBA2003

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    Can Holt and his staff recruit or what? Welcome Aaron to Butler and we wish you all the best!

    Go Dawgs!
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  6. Insane Dawg

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    I'm confused. Is he a four star recruit?
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    "I can tell you that as someone who looks at these things internally in recruiting and counsels other companies with recruiting and hiring decisions, a company from NYC to LA to Seattle is taking a Butler grad over a VCU grad, all else being equal."

    How is it possible to have a hiring situation where "all else is equal" ? In every hiring decision I have been involved with there are one or two candidates who stand-out from the rest, and it has never had anything to do with their college affiliation.
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  10. MilkSteak

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    It's much easier to be a 4-star in ESPN's and Scout's rankings systems for those wondering.
  11. Red1972

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    You can never tell about rankings, Brad Stevens told me Matt Howard went from a four-star to three-star when committed to Butler. Media
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  12. Mark Shelvin

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    When you have a hiring committee and are looking to build consensus amongst a group of people. All else is never equal, but I'm talking about deciding between the two candidates who stood out. Both qualified, interviewed well, similar grades, etc. You take the candidate from Butler over VCU if you are breaking a tie.

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    Does anyone know if he has officially signed yet?
  15. tkdawg10

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    the coaches would not be able to comment on him if he had not officially signed, so I would say he must have.
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    Tweet liked by Thompson. Seems like we might have a PG issue on our hands again.
  17. Hinkle

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    I'll be surprised if we keep 3 of the 5.
  18. DawgPoundMac

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    I believe this is his father. This sounds better at least.
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    His father deleted the original tweet...but put up another one

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