Ali Ali - 2022 Wing Transfer (Akron)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by ConnersvilleBulldog, Apr 4, 2022.

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    I actually don't mind this. Butler still needs a PG and some true guard/wing depth.
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  5. willisbrown

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    Can he play next season if he does indeed transfer? He's prob a grad student by now so I'm guessing yes?
  6. ap234

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    Only if he's a grad transfer or gets a waiver from the NCAA.
  7. HinkleMagic20

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    He showed a little bit at the end, but was largely underwhelming for us (maybe as a result of the early injury?).

    In any case, if the plan was to play him extensively at the 4, I'm glad we don't have to see that. He just wasn't nearly physical or big enough to handle that role.
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  8. bumba

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    No chance he was seeing real minutes this year. Good luck kid. Now let's find a point guard.
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  9. MIBulldog

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    There's a left turn I don't know any of us saw.
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    I am bummed he is leaving. I thought he was starting to show some signs of what he could be toward the end of the season. Not sure he felt threatened for playing time or what made this decision but I wish him
    Nothing but the best.
    Makes me wonder if Matta is moving toward a super young team this year. Kind of a rebuild with multiple year guys. I know JT doesn’t fit that mold but maybe he didn’t mind being a part of it.
  11. DawgDude

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    No impact one way or the other.
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  13. Cranjis McBasketball

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    Kind of an odd situation but I honestly think he was kind of dead weight. His form was atrocious and had a hitch in his pull up jumper that I don’t know how went in

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  14. dawgs2014

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    I wonder if he is transferring to seek treatment for his addiction to awful shot selection.

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  16. ButlerFan-in-Knoxville

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    Weird outcome here
  17. CarmelDawg23

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    Or maybe not.

    On a totally unrelated note (;)), look at this picture I found on The Google:

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    The Qudus Wahab career path
  19. BURph92

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    Not surprised at all by this. I think it’s a good outcome for Akron, Butler, & Ali Ali.

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  20. cluelessdawg

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    Im curious whether his returning to Akron in some way helped his chances to be eligible next season. Not sure if there's a hard policy on this, but maybe it looks better for his case if he goes the mental health route?

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