Ali Ali - 2022 Wing Transfer (Akron)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by ConnersvilleBulldog, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. ButlerFan-in-Knoxville

    ButlerFan-in-Knoxville Active Member

    I think it’s weird that he left and returned to the same school. You don’t see that very often. Many schools close the door to players wanting to return. Some are no longer welcome just by entering the portal. Why did he leave in the first place? Unless it was a coaching change.
  2. fchd

    fchd Active Member

    It wasn't a coaching change - John Groce has been head coach at Akron since 2017.
  3. BigHoss

    BigHoss Well-Known Member

    Here’s a throwback take I still stand by: I don’t fully believe he was eligible the first portion of the season
  4. BU Fan in Illinois

    BU Fan in Illinois Well-Known Member

    I am a little surprised by this but I would assume by his decision that Akron is a place where he feels most comfortable. Who know after the 21-22 season someone got in his head and said that he was too big of talent for the MAC and that he needed to move up in 'class.' After the season he just had and getting beat up in the Big East maybe he realized Akron was the place where he could succeed.
  5. the_speakers_lab

    the_speakers_lab Well-Known Member

    Interesting way of completing the circle of life by Butler. Not upset about it

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