Amani Hansberry - 2023 Forward

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    Amani Hansberry is a 6'7" forward out of Mount St. Joseph High School in Baltimore. He is a bear in the paint, versatile on both ends, and has a 7'1" wingspan. Was recently awarded the Baltimore Sun Player of the Year. In a recent interview with 247 Sports, Hansberry stated that he is considering a visit to Butler soon.

    You can check out everything you need to know about his game in this in-depth evaluation that was just published:
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    Looks like Peagus follows him on Twitter so I imagine that's the connection. Not sure what's going on with his star ratings or rankings because they don't really align with his offer list (Nova, LSU, Miami, Maryland, Kansas, etc...).
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    Yeah it seems like a lot of rating services haven’t caught up on him and thus he has a low 247 composite. That said, 247’s rating for him is 131, which is solidly high major.
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    Reminds me of Andrew Chrabascz-level skill on the block combined with perhaps a bit more athleticism and strength.
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    Not sure, but I don't think BU ever got him on campus for a visit.
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    lol one of those 5 is not like the other…
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