Anthony Leal - 2020 Shooting Guard (Offered)

Discussion in '2020 Recruiting Profiles' started by mwall787, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Tiles52

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    I agree; he was not that impressive when Culver played in the State Finals. However, he could of very well just had a bad day.
  2. Hinkle Magic2

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    Well, it's over.
  3. bumba

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    Hope the holds out on making his decision until past the summer session and blows up.
  4. BUcheer

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    Wonder what the offer is contingent on as I can’t imagine Archie was able to finish the sentence without Leal committing.
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  5. CarmelDawg23

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    Run of 3 CBs for IU after he announced the offer, including one from Jerry Meyer.

    I think it's safe to say we can put a bow on this one (although not quite sure why he wouldn't go to Virginia, other than the supposed "they don't play offense" claim).
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  6. bumba

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