Battle 4 Atlantis

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by theenforcer13, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. theenforcer13

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    Anybody else going? Would love some recommendations for stuff to do on the island.

    Should be one of the best early season tournaments field wise... would love to get a shot at Virginia in the second game. We owe them an L for that tourney exit a few years ago. Thinking whoever wins that game takes the championship.

    Love the way the Dawgs are playing right now.
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  2. seadawg

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    The area is over fished so with that in mind find some great local eateries. Be sure to try the conch fritters and fresh fish. A casino maybe. The aquarium is a great attraction on Paradise Island.
  3. Jared Grubbs

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    I’ll be going down there to cover the games. I’ve been a few times in the past, including the last Battle 4 Atlantis. We rarely leave the resort property when we go down. Last time we ventured out for some local seafood and it was tremendous, but I can’t remember where it was.

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  4. the_speakers_lab

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    Assuming you're staying at Atlantis/Paradise island, across the bridge:
    1. try to take public transportation >>>> taxis whenever possible. It's sooo much cheaper.
    2. the fish fry is the coolest local spot to eat... it's just like a strip mall w a bunch of restaurants
    3. We found a local at the fish fry that took us on a snorkeling trip... the snorkeling was meh, but the tour he gave us of the island and all the celebrity's mansions was awesome. Plus, it was all you could drink and we stopped at a little island beach to hang out. Favorite part of my last trip there
    4. I'd just walk around downtown and take it in. Maybe do some shopping. It's super touristy since that's where the cruise ships drop off
    5. You can take the distillery or cigar tour downtown, but they're both meh and over-priced
    6. You could go to the Baha del Mar, but if you're staying at the Atlantis resort, it offers basically all the same things
  5. WMUDog

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    What a tough field. I can see two loses. Probably face Virginia in the second round. OU, Florida, Wisconsin or Stanford in 3rd. 2-1 would be great
  6. the_speakers_lab

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    from last year to this year... what a stache

    The ballroom ceiling is not affecting Florida from shooting from deep, but FL can't make a FT to save its life and OK is killing them on the glass

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