Beilein to Cleveland

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by ButlerGoalie, May 13, 2019.

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    Worst in Butler modern history, should have said Butler.
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    Drew would be another candidate that I would advocate for as well. One reason why He did so poorly there...... well it’s Vandy. They are never going to win a title there especially an SEC title. Drew would be awesome here at Butler his style of play would fit with old school Butler style of play. Also, he knows the recruiting area very well. I’m willing to look past his awful year due to his past record at previous places.
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    No one expected him to win a title there or even SEC titles.

    But you should probably be able to win a game with any roster, especially one you’ve had three years to create.
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    What happened to Drew, Lickliter and many others is what can happen to LJ.
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    I just don’t understand those of you who are having a hard time about your perception of LaVall’s loyalty to the program. I honestly believe if this were any other gig he’d already have publicly said no. This is the job he’d been groomed for when he was an assistant there. I think this opportunity was always in the cards for him once Beilein left Michigan. I just think it happened sooner than than maybe he thought.

    This is going to be the problem we have. We’re a small school with a small athletic budget. We’ve been in the BE for what 4 years? I think within 10 years from now we’ll have grown as a university to the point where we can fund athletics on par with the other teams in the conference.

    I know it’s hard but I think we all want everything yesterday. Patience. Hopefully LJ sees the bigger picture.

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    Butler has been in the Big East since the 2013 season (and they had the year in the A10 before that).

    They have had plenty of time to increase their budget so it wouldn’t be so far behind second lowest in the league. They literally have to double to be average.

    They have just been unjustifiably cheap and like all actions you get the corresponding reaction.

    Butler chose to do this to their program. Like I said yesterday,I doubt Jordan is really a ‘serious’ candidate for Michigan but if he were and left and that ends Butler’s basketball program — they have no one to blame but themselves
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    It's a done deal. The decision was made on Friday. I don't know why anyone is even talking about LVJ. Get over it. Juwan Howard is the new UM coach.
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    But you don’t donate.

    The University has done sooooo many things in the last 5-10 years to advance the program. They are literally almost doubling the footprint of the University to increase enrollment and thus alumni, donations and budgets.

    The University has spent $40ish million now modernizing Hinkle. They realize that the Men’s Basketball program supports the University in a big way. Season Ticket holders have increased throughout the coaching changes, all while they continue to raise prices to support the program. They’ve changed the game day environment to add additional layers of revenue with alcohol sales. You probably haven’t attended a game this decade, but it’s a lot different than your memory.

    If you choose to not recognize the advancements and act like the University simply isn’t trying, that’s on you. They quite obviously are.
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    I’m sure the basketball program would allow you to donate enough to make up the difference
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    This is wrong. There hasn’t even been an interview. Sigh. They may be willing to offer the job to Juwan, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. That’s just dishonest.

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  12. Trumpforpresident2020

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    Especially since there are those of us who are hoping LJ goes to Michigan
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    Who knows, if Juwan gets hired maybe he hires LJ as one of his assistant coaches. Might be a step up for LJ after last season.
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    Please stop.
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    Okay ... Have a great day.
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    Are you really willing to lose Battle, Chuck Harris and Eugene Brown not to mention other 2020 options? That seems silly. He still has not had a chance to bring in a large recruiting class. Give him a chance. If he leaves who knows if Kamar would leave. Why risk that? Let's give him a little more of a chance. I know he is not a great/good coach yet.
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    Some of the people that want LJ to leave were the same ones that wanted him before Chris Holtmann.
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    99% in agreement with your post. But to think Baldwin would leave with just one year left is not even a remote possibility.

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