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    I really doubt there's a higher buyout for any particular job vs. all other jobs for LJ. As discussed before, when they hired him, Butler was extremely well positioned to negotiate a sky-high buyout for any job that may tempt LaVall; there was likely no need for a Michigan multiplier.

    Second, I think you'd have to be insane to leave a high major head coaching job for an NBA assistant job, so I wouldn't worry about that. I'm not sure that's happened in the history of ever. You see NBA assistants and college assistants swapping places sometimes (e.g., Shrews from Boston to Purdue), which sort of tells you those jobs are mostly equivalent.
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    Lol I thought this was great.
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    For my own closure, I busted my buddy’s chops for making me look like an idiot to everyone on the board. He got grouchy and told me that he gave me Donovan as the first real try, that he never mentioned LJ, that it was moving quickly, and that there were four interviewing candidates. I told him that I bought up Cooley and he went silent and that the worst thing you can do on a board is offer up “sources “ that don’t give you the whole story. He laughed at me and said “next time “.
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    I was just coming here to say "ARCHIVE!"
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    Why was the Ronnie Tyler post deleted?
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    ESPN reporter was quoted saying “its likely Juwan Howard will get bronny James and Zaire wade to come to

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