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Discussion in 'Around the League' started by gmoser1210, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Xer4ever

    Xer4ever Member

    He’s considered one of the best shooters in the Country which is a high priority for Coach Steele.
  2. xufan02

    xufan02 Active Member

    Yeah he is nobody to worry about. 4 star guard, concensious top 5 shooter in 2020 class. Also is top 20 in scoring on the Nike EYBL circuit at 19.7 ppg. Nothing worth looking at. He clearly is not good enough to play at Butler.
  3. MSUDawg

    MSUDawg Well-Known Member

    Would have to agree, concensious shooters rarely pan out.
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  4. NCJon

    NCJon Well-Known Member VIP Member

    I prefer careless shooters myself.
  5. Sidd Finch

    Sidd Finch Well-Known Member

    Concensious. Maybe he was trying to say conscious. You have to admit, an unconscious guy out there, shooter or otherwise, wouldn't do you much good.

    BTW: Pick n Roll Dawgs' post was at the bottom of the page 264. Before I hit page 265, I said to myself, "Oh, X fans won't happy with that. Let's see how many X fans respond." I must say concensious was an unexpected nugget of comedic relief.
  6. Bulldogs260

    Bulldogs260 Well-Known Member

    Get on your own teams board. When he goes 1/6 vs us don’t say a word. He’s a 3 star that’s average playing weak competition. Congrats that’s a huge get for you guys!!

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  7. cornette33

    cornette33 Well-Known Member

    55 offers by DePaul! Isn't that an insane amount? U need a phone book for that
  8. xfan1989

    xfan1989 Well-Known Member

    Pairing a very good shooter next to a top 50 athlete is a good start to our class. But I’ll be sure to find this comment when he plays butler in 2 years.
  9. bumba

    bumba Well-Known Member

    Yeah but can Myles Fox Morrisey hook him up with a sweet fake ID?
  10. ButlerGoalie

    ButlerGoalie Well-Known Member

    To further my argument, I found this on a Creighton website and found it interesting.

    • The NCAA approved a rule change for next season that will extend the 3-point line to 22 feet, 1 and 3/4 inches after experimenting with it during the 2019 NIT. Only four players that will be on Big East rosters in 2019-20 shot better than 40% on at least 100 attempts from 22 feet to 27 feet during their previous season of eligibility. Two of them will play for Creighton next season. Sophomore guard Mitch Ballock led the league from the range at 44.3% (78 of 176), while junior guard Denzel Mahoneyshot 40.5% (49 of 121) during his sophomore season at Southeast Missouri State before in 2017-18 before transferring to CU. The other two Big East players to meet that criteria were Butler’s Sean McDermott and Marquette’s Markus Howard.
  11. UDDawg

    UDDawg Well-Known Member

    Confused by Wideman's inclusion on this list? They don't have to be current college players? Groselle from Creighton in the same boat. Anyways, congrats to Tyler and Sean! Just stay healthy, guys.

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  12. estar20dawg

    estar20dawg Well-Known Member

    5 providence players eh?
  13. Insane Dawg

    Insane Dawg Well-Known Member

    Why not KB? Happy for Sean.
  14. Red1972

    Red1972 Well-Known Member

    Ed is going to favor his roster, he has to keep his people happy. Surprised no Baldwin, but happy for Wideman and McDermott. I remember when Knight took Alford a freshman over John Stockton a senior for the 1984 US team.
  15. thebulldogs

    thebulldogs Well-Known Member

    Did Baldwin have a conflict or decide to decline an invite? Seems strange McD would be our rep. Also too bad Smits (or Golden) couldn't replace Wideman on the team.

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  16. estar20dawg

    estar20dawg Well-Known Member

    well when you have Powell, Tyshon, Reeves and Diallo all at the 2 or can play the 2, you don't need KB to dribble...
  17. Red1972

    Red1972 Well-Known Member

    Good point!
  18. ConnersvilleBulldog

    ConnersvilleBulldog Well-Known Member VIP Member

    I know Kamar has been interning at 1070 this summer. Maybe him needing to get internships completed before graduation interfered with him being on the Pan-Am team? (Purely speculation, obviously.)
  19. ConnersvilleBulldog

    ConnersvilleBulldog Well-Known Member VIP Member

  20. GoodDawgs

    GoodDawgs Active Member

    Yes, because that is what he does, the player who is on pace to finish in the top 3 Bulldogs of all-time in points and steals, he dribbles...
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