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Discussion in 'Around the League' started by gmoser1210, Sep 5, 2013.

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    I think it was Thad himself who once said something along the lines of "We're starting the season 311th out of 311 D1 basketball teams. We have to work our way up from the bottom to show where we really belong."
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    Emoni Bates has both Seton Hall and DePaul in his final six.
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    These power rankings for the 2021-22 season put the Big East as the fourth best conference behind the Big 12, B1G, and SEC (in that order) and ahead of the ACC and the Pac-12. Highest rating for the Big East is third in NCAA Tournament bid percentage (54.5%, 6 out of 11 teams); lowest is 6th in Top 75 NBA Draft Prospects (3).
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    When the guy that sent the tweet in question can learn how to spell tourney, maybe folks will start to begin taking him just a little seriously.

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  6. CarmelDawg23

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    Elite - Creighton
    Tournament Lock - Villanova, Xavier, UConn
    Should Make Tournament - Providence
    Bubble - Butler, Marquette, Seton Hall, St. John's
    Going To Be A Rough Year - Georgetown
    Can We Send Them To D2 - DePaul

    A few thoughts:
    -Ewing is such a bad coach and I just can't put them above "Going To Be A Rough Year", especially with all that roster turnover
    -Creighton is the only true elite team on paper; Villanova has the talent but lost their two best players and have a new HC
    -Unbiasedly, Butler has too much talent and too much of an upgrade in coaching across the board to not be a Bubble team
    -Seton Hall will be better than people think, St. John's will underperform their talent as usual
    -Hate to say it, but Xavier could be the 2nd best team in the conference...a lot of continuity with a talented roster, Sean Miller is an upgrade from Travis Steele
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    Don’t see the love for SHU. If everyone stays healthy Butler will be better than SJU, SHU, Marquette,GT, DePaul . If Sean Miller finally gets suspended as he should Xavier won’t be the second best team. Is Xavier roster that much better than Bates, Hunter, Harris, Taylor , Ali , Thomas and Simas? Is an honest Sean Miller a better coach than Matta? Are their assistance better?
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  8. MSUDawg

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    can they score more points than their opponent?
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    Lol Gtown fan still butthurt they lost out on the Manny sweepstakes.
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    Man, what would this guy have said about Butler if we had kept everything status quo?

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    I don't have better visibility to 22/23 BE potential than CarmelDawg. However, a couple of observations to consider when making these rankings. First, Mike Anderson @ SJU just doesn't seem to be able to make his defensive scheme translate to the BE as compared to his SEC days. I am uncertain if that is personnel or conference play style, but it really hasn't worked. Second, I wouldn't underestimate Shaka Smart's ability to retool and adapt his approach to the BE in his second season of competition. Three, both SH and Nova are huge unknowns with major coaching changes away from very successful HCs to significantly less experienced HCs. Until the season starts, it will be difficult to see how those new coaches "fit" to their organizations and rosters. Four, both X and Butler have made massive upgrades in coaching staff and playing personnel. Both teams have recruited very successful and experienced HCs (as opposed to NOVA and SH). If both X and Butler's actual performance matches each team's potential in digits, only a suspension of Sean Miller will keep either team out of the 2023 tournament. Both teams appear poised for huge improvements in the win/loss table for 22/23.

    For Butler specifically, the changes from 21/22 will likely be greater than the sum of their parts. Why? Because the existing pieces were so significantly underperforming as a UNIT due to Jordan's coaching. At this juncture, it is ill advised to measure Butler's potential success in 22/23 based mainly on transfer talent (which is considerable unto itself). My expectation is that this board (and other BE teams) will likely be blown away by the improvement in returning players; particularly Harris, Simas, Taylor and maybe even Hughes or Tate due to the changes in coaching staff.
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  12. CarmelDawg23

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    They return Cale, Samuel, and Richmond while adding Al-Amir Dawes from Clemson, Femi Odukale from Pitt, and Dre Davis from Louisville...I think that's a better foundation that what Marquette and St. John's are both going into next season with. I also might be in the minority here, but I don't think Kevin Willard is a particularly good coach, so Holloway isn't really a step down IMO.
  13. troggy

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    This is key to Butler's success going forward. I think a lot of people just sort of assume these guys aren't that good because of Butler's record the past two seasons. Obviously, there's a lot of potential there and I'm going to throw Wilmoth into the bunch too. It'll be fun to see how these guys progress now that there's a new coaching staff.
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    Agree on Wilmoth. Has shown random flashes at times. Still, hasn't seen enough floor time to really know what we have there. And now he will get better coaching. Three or four of us made that same observation in the middle of this past season, questioning why he was seeing so little floor time on a dreadful team. On a team that struggled rebounding and defending the paint and lacked depth in size, what did you have to loose? At least Wilmoth mixed it up some in the paint. Back then, some clown, obviously not a Wilmoth fan, posted an idiotic comment about group think because more than one of us had the same independent opinion regarding Wilmoth's potential(?). I think it was the same clown who later commented he/she wouldn't mind seeing a return of LJ for another season or two to see if he can "figure it out." Since there are at least two of us at this point in time who think there might be something there with Wilmoth, will we get another "group think" comment? Still, think Wilmoth just might surprise with some meaningful contribution coming off the bench. TBD.
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    A little bit of talk in the schedule thread related to Butler, but some of these matchups are intriguing. (And some are blah.)
    Huggy Bear at Xavier? Amazing.
    I'm interested to see the Jays play at Texas.
    Sending Seton Hall to Kansas is just mean. As is sending Georgetown to Texas Tech. Big East will be good next year but IMO there are some unfavorable matchups.

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