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    Are there any universities with "State" in their name that are private schools?
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    Seems to me the only school that makes sense would be Memphis, of course assuming they could keep their football program in the AAC or somewhere similar. Given the Big 12 snub mayyyyybe that's a possibility, but I doubt it. Wichita State I guess could be possible too, but that wouldn't move the needle nearly as much.
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    Help me out here please, apologies if this may seem a really stupid question.

    I'm from the UK, so several thousand miles away.

    So what is the difference, in practical terms, of a private and a public university?

    And, why, would that difference be a factor in who you want in an athletic Confernce?
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    Really broad view, public are state funded and private are funded by its endowment. Public are very large like 30k+++ students vs 4k to 15k private. (So the large public universities athletic departments' have a lot of money compared to the small private universities.) Private typically require a higher gpa (marks) from high (secondary) school to gain admittance. For athletics, the thought is that these factors being all similar make it a much more even field to compete in all sporting competitions.

    Honestly like everything in life it's all about money. If the UK didn't have a merit based system all the Charlton-like FC's would be in a league playing each other, while all the Chelsea's would be in another league. (some may refer to that league as a Super League...)
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