Bleacher Report 12-2-134

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    A bit premature, but nice to see..

    No. 2 Texas (6-0, Previous: 2)
    No. 15 Wofford (5-2, Previous: Out)

    No. 7 Butler (5-1, Previous: Out)
    No. 10 Notre Dame (6-1, Previous: Out)


    First things first, let this serve as my public apology to Virginia for seeding the Cavaliers at No. 5 before the season began.

    They have the best defense in the country and will enter the tournament with at least 27 wins. I still have my doubts about their offense, but they're about to go through a gauntlet of five games (Maryland, VCU, Cleveland State, Harvard and Davidson) that will give them an excellent nonconference SOS in addition to however well they do in the ACC.

    As far as big movers are concerned, Illinois jumped a few seed lines to a No. 6 after winning the Las Vegas Invitational against Indiana State and Baylor. The Illini have some great resume-building opportunities coming up in the near future against Miami, Villanova, Oregon and Missouri—all away from home.

    Butler was First 5 Out when the season began, but the Bulldogs are comfortably in the field today because of a great three-day trip to "Atlantis."

    Wins over North Carolina and Georgetown on a neutral court are only going to look better as the season progresses. Coupled with the fact that the Big East might be the strongest top to bottom conference in the country, Butler figures to have one heck of a computer profile all season long.

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