Bo Hodges - 2021 Wing Transfer (Verbal)

Discussion in '2021 Recruiting Profiles' started by SnoopDawg, May 7, 2020.

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    That's insane (the 14-1 odds). This is not a tournament team as it stands unless we get at least two major contributions from the younglings and one of Hastings or JMM show they can play even a bit at this level. That's a lot to ask. We'll be NITish if I had to guess...ok but not tourney worthy. Sucks for AT and Nze but we need a lot of breaks to go our way to get to 20 wins. And those breaks could definitely come. I just think there are too many unknowns to make an accurate prediction right now. 6 new guys coming in...our star has moved on...David and Hastings are health wild cards. As I said earlier, if anything we'll see interesting developments all over. It surely won't be dull.
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    Agree, 50/50 sounds about right to me. What everyone always forgets is that this program has a winning DNA, it's not Kentucky or Duke, but it's somewhere down that road - and moving in the right way. Second, we always sell short the ability of the players to grow over the past year, and grow a lot. The Bryce Bros. will be vastly improved, and someone who we least expect will step up out of that roster and surprise everyone - the talent is all there.
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    Agree. The Dawgs are returning a solid defensive core and several with toughness. You know AT, Nze and Golden are putting in the effort. If those three are each just 10% better offensively that will go a long way to getting us to the dance. Saw a picture, I think on twitter , of David and Donavan working on their legs in the weight room. Apparently there are players working out at Butler.
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    Could be academics. Would be hard to graduate in a year after a transfer.

    Could be lots of other things. Who knows? It doesn’t mean someone has done something wrong.

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    Would it be against NCAA rules to do something like promise free tuition to a transfer to finish his MBA degree if he ever decided to come back later in life? I.E. Hodges plays next year, goes pro, but then we promise him the opportunity to finish his degree after his professional career for free.
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    When Bo committed, I didnt have a strong preference for this year or next, but felt myself leaning toward next. Now that he has made his intentions clear, I'm getting more and more excited about how good he can be and how good that team can be. He would make us better this year, but not as much better as he can make us the next year when his shooting skills are improved and he is surrounded by other dynamic playmakers capable of scoring. I hope this is my last post about 21 -22 and beyond until after this season, but I can see the pieces for some, potentially, high level success for years 2 - 4 for this class (1st Beast Title+?) I hope I feel the same way as this year plays out because there is going to be plenty of opportunity this year for our youth to show what they have and to develop throughout the year.

    Ok. Time to dial in on our 20-21 Dawgs!!

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