Bryce Golden Transferring

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by UDDawg, Mar 25, 2022.

  1. Blue three

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    He frustrated the sh*t out of me but I’m a big fan of coach Valentine and I think he made a good choice with Loyola. I don’t think he’ll start there but he’ll get a lot minutes with a shot at making the big dance.
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    Yes! A "Big East" big is needed. In the mold of a Joel (though he was MVC/Horizon) or Andrew. I know a few 6'11"+ Nigerians that could answer the call both in the classroom and on the court.
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  3. Cranjis McBasketball

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    I kind of feel bad for Bryce. While it was more out of necessity, he started 88 games in the big east and put up decent numbers. Sure his play was frustrating at times because he was consistently outgunned in the post, he was still a solid role player with some finesse and a decent shot.

    He is only averaging 13 minutes a game off the bench. I know he might not be starter material in BE or BIG but he is certainly better than 13 minutes off the bench at Loyola. It’s just sad I guess.

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  4. bwesson15

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    I seriously think Valentine hates him. Every little mistake he makes he immediately gets benched. I was watching the other night came in had one turnover when he got doubled and was immediately benched. He’s not letting play through anything. It seems like going to Loyola was a mistake. They are not good at all and Bryce ain’t even getting a chance.

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  5. BURph92

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    Loyola-Chicago just lost 3 straight in the Myrtle Beach tournament. (by 19 to Tulsa, by 22 to Boise St., & by 16 to Texas A&M.

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