Butler Among Final Four for Grad Transfer

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    There is much debate amongst Butler fans regarding whether or not Butler NEEDS another big man for next season. Regardless if you consider it a need or not, there is no denying the roster would feel a little more complete if LaVall Jordan and his staff could find a good fit down low. They are close to doing just that, as the Bulldogs have made the final four of 6’8” forward Femi Olujobi along with Georgetown, DePaul, and Hofstra.

    Olujobi averaged a 16.3 points and 7.7 rebounds in 32 minutes per game last season playing for North Carolina A&T. While they played an overall weak schedule compared to what he would see at Butler, Olujobi did square off against high major opponents three times last season, all on the road. He scored 20 points against Clemson, 18 against Georgetown, and 21 against Virginia Tech. He spent his first two seasons in the Horizon League at Oakland before transferring and sitting out a year prior to his junior season. Olujobi will graduate and be immediately eligible for his lone remaining season.

    Olujobi has already taken two of his visits and plans to take the other two to Georgetown and Butler next week. “I’m just looking for a proper fit,” Olujobi told ButlerHoops.com. “A place that I could be successful and help win.”

    With only two post players on the roster, there would definitely be a chance for the North Carolina A&T transfer to find minutes at Butler. “The opportunity is there. It’s my job to earn what it is I want,” Olujobi said about his potential role at Butler.

    With the semester end just around the corner, we shouldn’t have to wait long to learn about a destination. A commitment would leave Butler with 1 remaining scholarship for next season. Unlike the other options, such as incoming freshman Bryce Golden, Olujobi would give the Bulldogs some experienced play down low while leaving LaVall with an extra scholarship to spend on the talented 2019 recruiting class. Stay tuned to ButlerHoops.com to stay up to date on all the latest news and rumors on Olujobi and many other Butler recruiting targets.
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    It seems like he is willing to take—and can knock down—3s (although 30% last year that is a threat for a big man). If he can move decently on the perimeter on defense, he could provide our lineup increased flexibility by giving us a stretch five—5 3 pt shooters on offense and a switchy defense. Sign me up.

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