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Jared Grubbs

Butler Bulldogs (10-5) at Seton Hall Pirates (11-3) - 1/9

Jared Grubbs, Jan 5, 2019

  1. Hinkle Magic2

    Hinkle Magic2 Well-Known Member

    Hayward and Mack had each other or Matt Howard.

    Baldwin has McD on a good day? Brunk? And I'm not trashing Brunk, but I don't think he's going to consistently score in the low post as a #1 option. Love the energy and hustle on rebounds, putbacks, and rolling to the rim however.
  2. ButlerGoalie

    ButlerGoalie Well-Known Member

    This all day. I love the guy, but we have the worst staff in the Big East and they are getting exploited each and every game.

    Unfortunately we have to live Collier’s mistake and deal with five years of mediocrity or so. Sigh.

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  3. seadawg

    seadawg Well-Known Member

    I'm not going to rip on KB but perhaps it's time for LJ to put the brakes on him. Trust your teammates. The team got off to a good start defensively but after a few misses the effort declined. Too little, too late down the stretch. On a bright note JB is developing more rapidly than expected. The season is not lost. Not yet.
  4. Hinkle Magic2

    Hinkle Magic2 Well-Known Member

    Baldwin- Pretty good shooter. Great getting to rim. Can use both hands finishing. Bad passer driving.
    Thompson- Mediocre shooter. Good driver and passer. Not a great finisher.
    McDermott- Great spot up shooter. Won't slash unless there's a wide open lane. Can't really create off dribble.
    Baddley- Can hit an open 3. Not much of a slasher.
    Jorgensen- Can shoot, score, and create when he's hot. Awful when he's cold. Jekyll & Hyde. Too often he's cold.
    Tucker- Can shoot off the bounce a little. Looks like he has the makings of at least a good spot up shooter.
    David- Does nothing well.
    Brunk- Can score from time-to-time in the post. Often scores on putbacks, rebounds, hustling, and rolling to the rim.
    Fowler- Can hit the occasional 3 if left open.
  5. bmradio99

    bmradio99 Well-Known Member VIP Member

    I’m not sure when the next winnable game is. And yes, I know at DePaul is in a week. That’s my point.

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  6. Butler_Boatdawgs456

    Butler_Boatdawgs456 Member

    Can anyone point to any evidence of any sort of system that Kamar halts? Yea he dribbles a tad too much... but it’s not like we fire on all cylinders and are a totally different team when he’s out.

    Saying we’d have won without him is ridiculous.

    Love Joey, he’s always gonna be solid. But he’s getting about as many post touches as I’m comfortable with. Hasn’t really show vision out of the post yet to make me want to build an offense around him.

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  7. PSUButlerFan

    PSUButlerFan Well-Known Member


    Brunk passes out of the post for an open look literally every game...
  8. dawgs2014

    dawgs2014 Well-Known Member

    I like this thought a lot. I have a much bigger problem with the dribbling than I do the shooting.

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  9. Jared Grubbs

    Jared Grubbs Administrator Staff Member

    I’m not a fan of our offense. I wish we had more movement and ran more sets to get shooters like McDermott and Tucker more looks. But the bottom line is tonight we just missed shots. We win on the road if we shoot either 30% from 3 or 47% from 2. There were a ton of open looks that were simply missed, and not a lot of “bad” looks were converted. Yes, I’d agree we can do more to improve the quality of those looks. But we got good enough looks to win the game. Sometimes you just have to knock down shots.

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  10. GoodDawgs

    GoodDawgs Member

    What Jared said! And anyone who knows anything about Kamar Baldwin knows that he doesn't have a selfish bone in his body and that he cares about Butler basketball and winning exponentially more than anyone on this board. We didn't make a 3 until 10:50 left in the second half, and yet the guy is getting trashed for trying to make something happen and claw us within one point. I'd bet he and LaVall would be the first to tell you he made some decisions he'd like back, but it wasn't like he was taking away shots from people who were actually making them tonight. Saturday looked so different because our shots were falling and Kamar wasn't pressed into the position of trying to carry the team to give us a chance to win. For someone who likes to live in a happy little Butler bubble where I can believe fans ultimately care more about the kids on the team than the final score, the vitriol directed at KB tonight is far more depressing than the loss.
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  11. ButlerGoalie

    ButlerGoalie Well-Known Member

    Coaching seems to be a negative right now. You counter that with recruiting but 2020 is looking soft at best. Missing on our top targets and no seeming gameplan means that we are looking at bottom third BE finishes for the foreseeable future. Not really sure when we’ll dance again to be honest.

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  12. chas1116

    chas1116 Active Member

    I beg to differ on the "meaningless" part- LOL. Small consolation that Baldwin just delivered a isht sandwich to all the square Seton Hall -2.5 crowd- how'd that one taste??? Just glancing at the boxscore- unless Baldwin is en fuego, how on earth can you justify him shooting the ball TWENTY SIX MOTHER EFFING times??? Another God awful wretched night of shooting from the Dawgs on the road- how do you explain this? Seton Hall commits EIGHT more TO's and still shoot their way out of it??? At this rate- who is Butler going to defeat on the road? DePaul has been a potential land mine for years- even that one is a coinflip at best this season
  13. chas1116

    chas1116 Active Member

    He's not the worst- not by any stretch. He's just a square that goes along with the masses, and when that happens- (nearly 80% of the public on Seton Hall), he get's slaughtered just like a pack of sheep. Fading the public is one of the most, if not THE most profitable gambling techniques of all time
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  14. Hinkle

    Hinkle Well-Known Member

    Shhhh don’t tell

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  15. ap234

    ap234 Member

    Can someone tell me what happened to this Christian David because this doesn’t even look like the same guy?
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  16. Baddog

    Baddog Well-Known Member

    I repeat, post game, when the coaches sit down and view tape, what the hell do they see that they like....cause they keep doing the same things over and over again. It's beyond dumbfounding. Getting paid decent money to coach a D1 team and believing this $hit is good basketball is a bad joke. It's not as simple as to just explain away these losses that we just weren't hitting. If we're not "settling" for so many perimeter shots in some make believe offense that doesn't exist, then Baldwin is doing his hero ball gig, in this and every game. Forget about working the ball or running an offense and trying to get better shots (again, how many assists?) Seton Hall sucked. They were easily beatable. But we sucked even more, thanks mostly to the lack of coaching or any discernable game plan. Really bad, undisciplined, ugly basketball. Not good for the long perceived Butler brand of good, intelligent, hard nosed basketball, now or long term. Not blaming Baldwin so much, even though he has to know better. His hero ball antics takes everyone else out of the offense. Still, I blame more on Jordan, for giving him the green light. We do zero, absolutely nothing to play to the strengths of our other players, and some of them can indeed contribute on a regular basis. Sure has taken a whole lot of fun out of watching Butler basketball. Pretty obvious Jordan is incapable of coaching at this level. But we need to get used to it, cause he ain't going anywhere anytime soon. So go watch your tape coach, and plan the same crap for the next game. Sad.
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  17. DawgsMD

    DawgsMD Forum Psychiatrist VIP Member

    There’s a swagger, a confidence to his game in that video. Outside of his technical and brief flashes, I don’t get the same vibe with him on the floor in a BU uni.

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  18. MasterSplinter

    MasterSplinter Active Member

    Isn't the better question how do we structure an offense that isn't over reliant on everyone creating their own shots?

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  19. 2xDawg

    2xDawg New Member VIP Member

    Butler isn’t without talent, but most of our players seem to have great ability in only a few areas, and it seems as though our coaching is insufficient to best utilize each player’s limited but effective skillset into a cohesive team performance. If our strategy is to out-talent the other team, we’re not going to just lose to the more talented teams, we’re also going to lose to those of slightly lesser talent and better coaching – as this season is bearing out. Getting more talent might be the answer, but it’s hard to sell recruits on that approach because they can take their talents anywhere.

    It would also be nice to just see our guys perform the fundamentals better. Any one thing might have led to tonight’s defeat, but giving up an easy rebound and score on the missed free throw stands out for me. Also the slam from the inbounds play. That induced some PTSD from the 2010 championship game vs Duke.

    Reminder to self: it’s easy to cheer when one’s team is doing well, but the team needs the cheering more when it’s not doing well.
  20. MasterSplinter

    MasterSplinter Active Member

    Yeah, it is important to remember that we shot the ball quite horribly and still had a chance to win. While it's easy and, I believe, important to discuss how it has exposed Kamar's play we win this game with slightly better shooting. I'll leave my Kamar comments for later.

    I also agree with this. I believe there is good evidence for it being effective from the Creighton game. Brunk may not be a scorer, but he can be a good facilitator and some inside-out action helps with spacing and ball movement. It also prevents Kamar or anyone else occupying large parts of the shot clock. Even if it's not the priority offense, it's another look to help us stay balanced and get others involved.

    Also, gotta keep in mind that while the loss stings, playing with Bart T-ranketology forecast shows if we beat all the teams we should beat (based purely on team ranking) we are a 10 seed. If we win all of our games at home and beat Depaul away we are an 11 seed. Both of those assume a 1st rd loss in BE tourney. So...we are still in this but pressure is on to win the toss up games going forward. Have a play with the t-ranketology. The link takes you to our projection defending home court.
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