Butler Bulldogs (12-10) vs. Seton Hall Pirates (13-8) - 2/2

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by BU_NeonHat, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. BUBlue

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    Pretty typical Big East refereeing! Whistle blows often BEFORE the contact actually occurs!
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    I have to say that after having attended several Butler games, both home and away, this year (and sitting very close to the bench), I think Lavall should act like he is mic'd up every game from here out. I have never seen him so engaged! He was really good. I liked what he was telling his players during the action, at timeouts and his talking to the Refs. Was he conscious of being mic'd? Of course! David Woods has referenced this forum in some of his pieces with people questioning Lavall's coaching ability, involvement, etc. I think the pressure was on him to prove something (probably wouldn't admit it) but it worked! I did think his energy level did wane in the last half of the second half which definitely contributed to our collapse, so he needs to "get in shape" so he can go a full 40 minutes. Looking forward to seeing more of this Lavall!
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  3. indienapolis

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  4. GO_DAWGS!

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    Apologies if this has already been covered, but what did I do wrong? I went home after going to the game excited to watch the “all access” but when I watch it on my DVR I don’t hear the coaches? I see the three screens, hear the announcers talking about what a coach just said, but can’t hear either coach?

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    Not going to post a super long thread...but here's some observations:

    1. Butler D was not good on the pick and roll. Too many times SHU got uncontested layups in the paint. LJ would be calling out guys and telling them "that's you" but it seemed like it was one guy further than who could have been there. Almost like there is a 3 person rotation on a switch and hedge.

    2. Butler actually hit some open looks, and that makes the offense seem good. However, there was some stagnant offense. The first 5 minutes the offense looked really good. Not sure there was any offense the last 5.

    3. I liked the all access. Especially during the timeouts.

    4. I liked the locker room disparity. Butler gets the nice locker room and comfortable chairs and carpet and amenities. SHU has to sit on benches right in front of lockers and huddle around like a high school game. On the halftime thing, Willard's halftime coaching is to watch game tape? Wow.

    Rest up for Georgetown. No excuses about being tired. Gotta win two road games next week.
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    Referencing the PJ post game interview: Don't think the players aren't at least peeking on here to see what their fans think about them and their play! Why I get a little testy when people get personally insulting.
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  7. Hinkle

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    This is the wildest fan conspiracy theory I’ve seen in a while and I’m here for it. Putting aside the more obvious reasons this is absurd, anyone whose tried to use either WiFi or cell signal to stream anything in Hinkle knows this theory is the funniest thing on the Internet right now.

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  8. pjohnsto2003

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    I was at the game and was in front of a tv for the beginning of the second half. The delay was around 10 seconds.

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  9. NCJon

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    I think I have watched this a dozen times so far:

  10. Mark Shelvin

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    When people on here get personally insulting, the players will either take it to heart and try to prove us wrong or continue sucking and fail like they were going to anyway. I’ve said it before, any player who can’t withstand 38 year old Jack from Lizton posting criticisms from his mom’s basement is mentally weak. They would not have succeeded as a top level athlete anyway.

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  11. GoodDawgs

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    Might want to ask AT about that practice he had to miss to go home for a funeral... You never know what kind of things these kids, or anyone else for that matter, are dealing with. Just resolving to not be a jerk might be a more prudent (and human) way to go.
  12. kmacker69

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    THIS! Why I don't like the personal crap leveled at young men giving their all!
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  13. Insane Dawg

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    I have no doubt every kid is giving his all for Butler, the fans, the team and for themselves. No one has quit or given up. Nor will.
  14. RPEye

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    I’ve had the same thought for three weeks. Seems we are missing an opportunity to use Tucker in some sets the way AC was used as a point forward. I think Tucker could be very effective catching the ball just above the foul line. He has a quick first step and could drive or if open shoot. In some match ups he will force a double team or at least some shading help from the defense. But, most importantly, he can distribute (AC style) from that spot.

    On Saturday, we were bringing our 5 out high, mostly for handoff cuts. That’s better than no offense but it 1) gives us no high/low opportunities and 2) lets the defense overplay the three point line.

    Instead, let’s see how a Tucker-Brunk or Tucker-Fowler high low set with our three point shooters ready for a kick out works. A few years ago, AC turning to face the basket from just inside the top of the key was an effective means of pulling defenders in a half step and off of the three point line. I am amazed we haven’t gone to that set since Tucker became eligible.

    Good observation, Willis.

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  15. Bulldogs260

    Bulldogs260 Well-Known Member

    I agree 100 percent.

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  16. bumba

    bumba Well-Known Member

    Yet you were saying Fowler sucks in every other post less than a week ago. Own it already.

    If I'm being critical, it's nothing personal. I also give credit where credit is due & earned.
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  17. kmacker69

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    If the man had a change of heart let him, if he just wants to let it go without admitting he was wrong... I'll welcome him with open arms without penance if that is left in the past. ;)

    I was wondering why LJ said AT was driving him crazy, but I love you! Might tie into what we don't know about what is going on in their lives!
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  18. ButlerNut

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    Man...I know the final score wasn't what everyone wanted, and blowing a 17 point lead had some screaming. But jeez, this board sounds like the team lost by 20 points.

    It's a long week between games everyone. Relax and rest up. Or find something else to do for a day or two.
  19. beezer16

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    Or better yet, have a little fun and enjoy a win like the team did after the game..

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  20. Albick

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    I tend to think that it says more about 38-year-old Jack from Lizton, who really needs to get a life, than it does about the player.

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