Butler Bulldogs (12-3) vs Villanova Wildcats (13-2) - 1/10

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Jared Grubbs, Jan 7, 2016.

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    31% from 3 and it has been going down lately.....

    He shot 23% from 3 his last year at NC State.
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    I guess I'm writing this to take my mind off Andrew Smith. Doesn't seem right but here it goes. I watched the game again this afternoon and specifically watched Lewis, Chrabs, Martin and Gathers on both ends of the floor. When Lewis was in the game he guarded Brunson and Arci. Neither scored on him. When Lewis came in the second time with 9:28 left in the first half the score was tied 11-11. When he came out with 1:15 remaining the score was 25-19. Lewis had one TO and an assist on a three to KD. In the second half he shut down Arci on two drives and took a charge on Brunson. He took two threes and one rolled out in the second half.

    Gathers replaced him and was eaten alive by Hart. He couldn't stay in front of him which forced both Chrabs and Wideman to cover. Gathers also made a bone head pass and fouled Jenkins on a dumb attempt on a fake from the circle which led to two free throws. In 20 minutes he had three points , 3 rebounds and 2 TO. He gave up at least 11 points.

    Martin in 19 minutes had 5 rebounds and shot 1-8. However on two of those misses a layup hung on the rim and for some reason didn't go in. The other was a missed two handed dunk on an ill advised pass from Jones.

    Frankly I'm at a loss on the criticism on Chrabs. Yes he missed on 4 threes but none were bad looks and apparently CH has given him the green light. Villanova's front line did not hurt us on either end which I attribute to Chrabs and Wideman. The player that hurt us the most was Hart who was not guarded by Lewis, Chrabs or Wideman.

    There were several plays that went Nova's way in the last couple of minutes that made all the difference- Gathers foul on Jenkins, Jones clear block on Arci that was called a foul and KD touching a ball with one second left on Novas shot clock that ultimately led to a two by Hart. That's a total of six points.

    Highly recommend watching a game a second time before jumping to conclusions. sure it wasn't Chrabs, Lewis or Martin's best game it also wasn't for Arci, Brunson or Ochefu either. Do you bench Arci? Ochefu? Someone on this board raved about Brunson being a one and done. Well that's never going to happen. He did nothing other than four fouls, 2 turnovers and two points. Also he was guarded by Lewis.
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    Great post. I too am baffled by the criticism of Chrabascz. He has been one of the best AND most consistent players on the team since being inserted into the starting lineup two years ago. For some reason his game doesn't attract a lot of attention, making it hard to believe, but he really does contribute a ton.

    As far as Lewis goes, I was reading a sports article on college football the other day that I really think applies here. The gist was that in sports the narrative becomes the reality. That is, if "everyone" (really just a few vocal people) says Lewis is a poor defender that becomes what people aware of that "fact" see. Any poor plays reinforce the belief Lewis is a poor defender and any good plays are diminished or ignored, all at a subconscious level. (In reality all players make some good and some poor plays - actually judging relative ability is hard, especially in real time.)
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    and +1
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    Bummer. Well at least next time we play them, we can have Lewis guard Hart and Dunn...
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    Honestly, and I by no way mean this as a personal attack, but this post says more about you than anything else. Chrabascz has shown that he can succeed against good competition. In fact a great majority of his peaks of success in his career have come against great competition. Yes, he's struggled in a few games recently. But, he's arguably the second best player on the team. He changes the game with his tools on offense. Him missing four open threes is mostly a statistical anomaly more than anything else. He's shown he can do that, he's shown he can score in the post, he can handle the ball and he's an excellent passer. Yes, he can struggle once his man gets the ball (he's also 6'7 defending much larger players) and rebounding, but he's also very good at pushing his man off the block before he has the ball, and that can not be overlooked.

    It's sad that you choose to discount Chrabascz.
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    Not looking at stats, but to the eye test they competed on the defensive end as a team. That effort will win a lot of games for bu this year.
    They don't have the depth to have 2-3 of the top 6 rotational guys have a below average outing and beat a top 10 team.
    There are a lot of positives from my perspective going forward. Ac is solid against good opposition. He had an off game on the offensive end. He'll bounce back. He is not in love with the 3 and won't keep shooting it if he is off. At least that what his track record shows. I think all of the NBA talk after martins quick start is in his head. He has the talent, and is young he will come back to earth and produce. I still like what gathers brings. He is streaky. Wideman has played above my expectations all year. We haven't seen his ceiling yet and he brings it every game. I would be fine if this team lives and dies on both rose's and Dunham's play. Either can take a game over. I would be happy if either/both got 2-5 more looks per game on the offensive end.
    Looking at he rest of the schedule I think we finish 3rd or 4th in the league because of the start. Hopefully they figure it out at the right time for a good run in the big East tourney and have some momentum for the NCAA.
    I still think the biggest issue is lack of depth. In theory that is solved next year. I still cross my fingers that they figure it out and we see lightening in a bottle this year.

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    Walk off home run by Speakers Lab.
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    I think AC beings it and plays hard, but his post defense is so weak sauce. Always has been.

    That's really my only criticism of him.

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