Butler Bulldogs (16-15) vs. Providence Friars (17-14) - 3/13

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Lukas Harkins, Mar 13, 2019.

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    I find this really a poor reflection of this board and most of the people on here. I hope someone with the ability to do so deletes it.
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    I'd say when does baseball start but seeing that every cub arm sucks or is hurt...yeah. So it's football I guess.
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    Agreed. It used to be the other way around with NBA being entirely pick and roll, iso etc.

    I believe the shift in the NBA began about a decade ago with the Spurs running constant ball movement offense leading to their last NBA title in 2014, I think. Alot of the concepts were pirated from International BB.

    The W's took over throne from Spurs running similar offense. The many Popovich disciples and copycats in NBA have spread it. On college level, you really don't see it being run much primarily because it requires very talented, smart and unselfish players along with alot of practice/repetition. Villanova's two title teams are the closest I've seen to this, particularly the first one.
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    A bet is a bet...delete your account.

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    I feel like I have honestly. He lost me last season when we were at St. John's. Thirteen seconds to go we are up by two our ball and we are taking the ball out under St. John's end of the court. Logically you would just pass the ball in, let them foul you and go to the free throw line. Not Lavall. He drew up a play where they heaved a ball 90 feet the opposite direction to only turn the ball over. St. John's scored and took the game to overtime and eventually won. To many times we have been beat by over twenty points, not changing the tempo of the game, allowing the other team to score at will and dig our selves into a hole where we can't get out of, not calling timeouts when they are desperately needed, not able te recognize that we are not getting to the foul line for free opportunities to score, etc. I like to think we need to be proactive rather than reactive. We should pull the bandaid super quick and take the pain as it comes and start fresh. Compare these coaches to Lavall with the same amount of time with different teams. Kermit Davis( Has a top twenty five recruiting class coming in next year, his team is ranked, and are bound for the NCAA tourney), Archie Miller, Chris Holtman, Patrick Ewing, ETC.

    This team is virtually the same except for Wideman and Martin. Although two important pieces, players should have developed one r the summer and if not coach should have recognized their weaknesses and worked around them. None of this happend. We shoot threes all day, play no defense, don't take charges..... nothing. It's just very disappointing. I'll give Lavall credit in one area. I do believe that he recognizes talent very well on the recruiting trail. Just not able to seal the deal when getting them on campus thus far.

    By the way welcome to the board!
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    For starters in all honesty I can't see BC pulling the plug on LJ. Whether the current staff stays intact is unknown. It would seem BU has good pretty good mix of experience on this current staff but obviously some changes would seem to be merited. Who that may be, I have zero knowledge. The strength coach appears to be a great addition but it certainly did not help with any skills development. How LJ is unable to transfer his knowledge and training is unfathomable. Those familiar with him as a player as an assistant should realize he has paid his dues. His approach and demeanor has to change if that is possible. This team was more than capable of squeezing out a few more wins. Everyone understands this is unacceptable and it should be translated as such.
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    Getting Olujobi this year would have filled a huge void at the 4 for this year's team. Think we were closer on him than Strus.

    Like others, I'm not really sure we offered Strus but obviously wish we did. I couldn't find him in Archives but I do remember many forum discussions about him a couple years back.
  8. Red1972

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    You can thank Holtmann, the gift that keeps on giving.
  9. dawg767

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    Amazing that Butler BB has come to this: We are envying the ones that got away to DePaul
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    Thank you!

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    No one? My screen name is literally from that occasion. Not only did I say that in spring of 2008 my screen name Title In 2011 was created with it
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    Hey all - kicking the team at a low point doesn’t translate well into being a supportive fan base. It was a tough season and one I would like to readily forget.

    The behavior on this board is shameful. May as well go call someone inferior for having cancer or for getting downsized from their job. Get some class.

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    Welcome to the board. Usually it’s reasonably congenial but recently we have had a couple of jerks come on board that need to be removed. But that’s up to Jared. I have said the same thing you are saying on several occasions. We have one or two players that would start elsewhere in the BE and the rest are either subs or mid major players. We lack size, athleticism and talent. It’s going to take a few years to get us back to where we all want it to be. Is LJ the guy to do it? We shall see.
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    Random but do you think Holt left because he found it hard to recruit top talent to Butler? So he went for better recruiting and money?

    I was just thinking that as I watched LJ and the GM tonight.
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  15. jkcdawgs

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    I’d be pretty disappointed to see CD leave. His passing and defense is encouraging, and he can get open with the ball. He just needs to grow a pair and shoot with confidence.
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  16. DawgsMD

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    Anyone have the post game presser so I can see what the excuse was tonight?

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    If you have a post pre GH and Mack playing their first games that predicted them becoming pros produce the link to it. Your using the handle Title proves nothing. On the other hand you have been one of the posters who year in and year out posts about how badly we suck. Until this year you have almost always been wrong. That being said I am highly skeptical of your claim that you predicted the NBA future for GH, Mack, or Stevens before the start of the 2008-2009 season.

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  18. jkcdawgs

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    Facebook has been down all day, and that’s the only place that usually has the full press conference. Maybe check the BE website?
  19. Butler_Boatdawgs456

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    I have a hot take on the strength coach:

    I think kamar got a little too big. I feel like he lost a half step and is a little less quick in the lane. Less of the gliding to the hoop and tossing up a creative finish. Much more pounding and backing down.

    Some of this is probably down to poor spacing etc. but I do feel like he’s a tad slower in the lane and getting by defenders.

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  20. dippper61

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    LJ is man, almost 40, it is ok to call him out when he is not getting the job done time and time again.

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