Butler Bulldogs (17-5, 5-4) vs. Villanova (17-4, 7-2) - 2/5

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Jared Grubbs, Feb 5, 2020.

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    I am just thankful that Battle eventually released the chokehold he had on Baldwin, after the team came off the bench to celebrate...
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    Look at how calm Kamar is. He showed the least emotion of anyone after that shot went down. The dude is one cool cat.
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    Just finished rewatching the Villanova game and noticed that the rain delay helped Butler in at least one way: Nze had been hit in the head and was recovering when the delay began. Due to the delay, he missed very little game time before returning to the lineup. Also, Gus Johnson mentioned that Nze had had back issues at practice the day before the game and it was a game time decision as to whether he would be playing.

    Another interesting point that we didn't realize at Hinkle: the referees told the broadcast team after the delay that, if there were any more water incidents during the game, the game would be postponed.
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  4. Hinkle

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    I'm way too late on responding to this (lots of work travel last week). But I will strongly disagree with what seems to be your suggestion here, and I don't believe you buy it either. Of course you should look at how the team has usually fared in various categories against its schedule and compare that to how you did against them in those categories. Are you seriously going to argue that having a team shoot 45% on 2s when their average is 60% is the same as having a team shoot 45% on 2s when their average is 30%? I know you know how stupid of an argument that is, but that's basically what you're saying here.

    I'm not arguing that all shots are the same difficulty. My data is a lot more limited than yours/Synergy, so if you want to cite data that would reflect the differences in difficulty versus the averages (rather than just make meaningless statements like "they got what they wanted," I'm all ears, and that'd be persuasive. But what you've offered hasn't been. And saying they "got to the basket at will" and that's why they shot few threes is really unpersuasive in light of their crappy (and well-below-season-average) 2 point percentage.

    I'm not sitting here arguing we played a great defensive game. I'm arguing there was some good and some bad. Forcing two turnovers is bad. You're arguing it was a bad performance overall, but you're not really supporting that other than by your own visual impressions and puffy statements about it. Defensive rebounding % is probably just as controllable as defensive TO%, for instance, so I'm not sure why one of those controllables seems decisively persuasive to you in and the other isn't. And you could pull any 14 game data set, and regardless of what our record is in that set, I'm sure the raw number of TOs would be something like 10 more on average. So I'm not sure what you're taking from that other than we had a crappy day forcing turnovers.

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