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Jared Grubbs

Butler Bulldogs (2-0) vs Mississippi Rebels (1-0) - 11/16

Jared Grubbs, Nov 16, 2018

  1. Ignatius J. Reilly

    Ignatius J. Reilly Well-Known Member

    good thing ari told us paul is bad:
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  2. dawgs2014

    dawgs2014 Well-Known Member

    Totally, man. I feel like we got to watch Christian *play* basketball for the first time yesterday. We had seen him on the court but yesterday Lavall and Christian took the training wheels off.

    And oh baby was it beautiful.

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  3. MSUDawg

    MSUDawg Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Anyone who listens to his gibberish gets what they deserve

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  4. bu1973

    bu1973 Well-Known Member

    A few takes from the upper deck ( where I have always had my season tickets, by choice).
    1. One of the things I miss after 30 years of coaching is watching and having a hand in players' improvement over a season and career. I think the lights have gone on for Brunk and we are seeing ( and more importantly he is seeing) the player he can be. I think the lights flickered for David last night. Time will tell over the next few games for him.
    2. Baldwin did a lot of dribbling last night although most of the time it was during periods when Thompson was on the bench. There were too many bad passes last night. Not just poorly executed, but ill -advised. He and several others were guilty. Baldwin made a tremendous comeback in the last 10 minutes after a very forgettable first 30. However, I am really having a hard time seeing him as an NBA point guard. Stay in school for four years and next year could be really special.
    3. I don't disagree that McDermott may have hit a ceiling although a spot up shooter can be very valuable, especially when we see more zones. I would love to see him put the ball on the floor more and try to create shots,
    4. Jorgenson will have games like last night, and when he does, we can be very good ( if everything else is working.) Please save one for IU.
    5. Thompson would not have made those free throws last year in that situation.
    6. The crowd was great last night and so was the Dawg pound. Sell-out?
    7. While we were favored, Sagarin had Mississippi higher rated than us.
    8. A Friday night win in Hinkle is a glorious way to start a weekend.
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  5. Coogles

    Coogles Active Member

    And despite what Ari posted on Twitter, most of his makes were on good looks. The one three was deep but he was able to step in, catch, and shoot. For him, that's a pretty good look. The only ill-advised make in my opinion was the deep three he dribbled into where he sort of got clipped on the way down. But when a guy is draining shots like that...eh, that's one you can live with.

    Just as important were that he had no turnovers and moved the ball really well when he didn't look for his own shot. He definitely made more errors on the defensive end that I think is usual for him, but there's no way Butler wins that game without that kind of offensive performance from PJ.
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  6. seadawg

    seadawg Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Although PJ is quick to pull the trigger at times, I think Ari doesn't give him for being able to create his own shot to some extent. Let's hope he can maintain some consistency.
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  7. Ignatius J. Reilly

    Ignatius J. Reilly Well-Known Member

    The problem is that Ari decides people are bad at basketball, and then when they are good at basketball, he comes up with an argument for how, in fact, despite averaging around 18ppg and barely turning the ball over, they are still bad. He’s a shock jock.

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  8. MasterSplinter

    MasterSplinter Active Member

    I'm inclined to agree with you. We know he can shoot the 3, but he really needed to add a to-the-hoop component, which it sounds like he worked on in the off season but he hasn't been able to implement it. He's not a real threat to create his own shot at this point. If we want him in double figures, he's probably going to need to shoot 7-8 3pt fg/game and he's avg just under 5 thus far.

    A couple of times from the highlights he should have gone hard to the rack and didn't: at 12:26 in 2nd half (2:45 in video) and 9:15 in 2nd half (3:08 in vid). In the first one, he had his man off balance and took one dribble and passed out. Gotta be more aggressive than that (it also forced a late shot clock kamar one-on-one 3 which he made). In the second, it's early in the shot clock for a contested 3, he's got his man closing out hard and a wide open baseline. I hope they are emphasising that in film sessions.

    Comparing him to our other Pendleton bulldog, I remember Kellen developing and making great strides with his dribble drive as his career progressed. It didn't always work with him getting to the rim, but he could pull up or at least keep his defender honest with it. McD has to develop that, otherwise you are correct to think we've found his ceiling. Also, interesting that LaVall played CD down the stretch and not McD, but I think he did have 4 fouls. Or did I miss something there?
  9. Baddog

    Baddog Well-Known Member

    A win is a win, but it doesn't have to be that difficult. Mississippi is a fair to good team, not great. It's becoming obvious through the first three games apparently Jordan's offense of choice this year is going to be Baldwin first on offense, allow him to dominate the ball through most of the shot clock, and dibble the hell out of it while others stand around. At least that is effectively the majority of our possessions. Results are lots of bad passes, turnovers, bad shot selection and ill advised drives in to coverage. Even though Thompson is a much better ball handler, makes better decisions with the ball, AND WILL PASS IT to the open man, Jordan sat there last night and let Baldwin continue to bring the ball up the court, staring at the half court trap zone press, regardless of the number of bad passes and turnovers he committed. Guess Thompson is in there only for defense, because we don't rely on him that much for playing the point, breaking presses or scoring. Best way to beat a zone press is to attack and push the ball, with passes and dribbling that challenges the teeth of defense, not lay back and throw lazy passes. Adjustment? Baldwin's "reported" turnover number doesn't reflect the number of mistakes he made. But you can't put it all on Baldwin. He's still the best player on the team. Jordan must like what he sees. Are we maximizing our possessions? Are these the best shots we can get? I would make Baldwin the number one option on offense as well. I just wouldn't do it by having him dominate nearly every possession with the one on one over-dribbling. Wonder if that contributes to McD hitting his ceiling? Two biggest concerns for me entering the season were the 5 and the coaching. Through 3 games, Brunk has stepped up to be more than serviceable in the middle. He's pretty good now, and he'll only get better throughout the season. Fowler is what he is and is a capable back up, even though he will probably continue to start. Coaching? Granted, I guess I'm a little old school. But if this style of offense and the in-game adjustments (lack their of) to the pressure are some part of the evolution of the game, not sure that I like it so much. Question...…...if "sets" still work on out-of-bounds plays, how come they won't work running through the regular offense? At least some of the time. Still wonder if last year's team was better than 14 losses.
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  10. harvesting

    harvesting Active Member VIP Member

    I agree he has to be more aggressive/selfish in his shot selection. However it seemed last night he couldn’t move without a foul being called which backs you off on defense, puts you on the bench and prevents you from getting in a rhythm. Not to mention if you didn’t see the take down he received in Monday nights game or if you forget because it happened early and he came back out, it rocked him hard. His adrenaline brought him back out and kept him going Monday but he’s still feeling that fall. It was good to see CD have some success and feel good about it. It was REALLY good to see the guys play like a team with several guys making big contributions. I’d much rather watch that then a one man show. Ole Miss came to play it was a good game!

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  11. Mark Shelvin

    Mark Shelvin Well-Known Member

    Who is this “Ari” everyone keeps referencing? Surely nobody pays heed to a former student fan who had the “feels” real bad for our former coach?

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  12. pjohnsto2003

    pjohnsto2003 Well-Known Member

    Wondering if the McDermott comments are a bit unfair right now? Keep in mind, he took a pretty nasty tumble on Monday and he could still just be really sore still.

    It’s a small sample set this year. Let the kid play a few more games before everyone starts downplaying him like most do with Fowler.

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  13. Jared Grubbs

    Jared Grubbs Administrator Staff Member

    I don’t think it’s necessarily downplaying him. He’s a great spot up shooter and does a tremendous job in his role. I personally don’t think he has the skill set to significantly expand that role. He’s not going to create shots the way Baldwin or Jorgensen will. He’s going to play off of those guys and that’s all the team needs right now. Shoot lights out and crash the boards. Hopefully defensively is where he will make some strides this year so he can see more minutes, because the offense is definitely better with his shooting presence in there.

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  14. estar20dawg

    estar20dawg Well-Known Member

    Anybody know where I can watch a replay, wasn't able to catch the game yesterday...
  15. NateDog

    NateDog Well-Known Member

    If FS2 is a part of your cable package, they still have the replay available on foxsportsgo.com or the fox sports app on your phone or tv.
  16. ButlerAlumDad716

    ButlerAlumDad716 Active Member VIP Member

    Not all components are in place. 'Keese, JT... almost impossible to plan 2 different offenses catering to different strengths when component players change. In 5 short weeks I'm certain you'll notice considerable differences.
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  17. estar20dawg

    estar20dawg Well-Known Member

    Comcast doesn't carry FS2 hence why I couldnt see it yesterday...
  18. NateDog

    NateDog Well-Known Member

    My apologies, read it as you were busy. I have Comcast (xfinity) and am able to re-watch the game. Sometimes they are put on youtube a few days later, haven't found anything yet though.
  19. WMUDog

    WMUDog Well-Known Member

    It was really cool to see David get some extended minutes. I think his block really changed some things. It is looking more like Brunk is for real. I wonder if he will soon take over as starter. I like Fowler but he can't hang on to the ball. Mr butterfingers. PJBal, what can I say. When he brings it he brings it. I was disappointed with Baldwin's first half play, but I predicted he would bring it in the second half and still get his 20 (no major feat on my part). Someone earlier on this post mentioned that McD may have hit his ceiling. I was hoping he would be more of a factor this year. I am starting to think he is going to be an 8-10 points a game guy. Good but not a big shot taker. Proud we didn't cave at the end. I was really nervous but I have become trustful that when they give up the leads late in the game, more often than not they stay strong and pull it out.

    I am looking at next years roster. We are going to be so deep I don't see how anyone is going to get any playing time. :)
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  20. Insane Dawg

    Insane Dawg Well-Known Member


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