Butler Bulldogs (22-10) vs Virginia Cavaliers (27-7) - 3/19

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Jared Grubbs, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Jared Grubbs

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    On Saturday my team is taking the floor as a #1 seed for the 2nd time this tournament. Normally at this time I would be nervous wreck. But I am not. I know we are going to defeat Butler in a way that the last 10 minutes I will be relaxed. The season we have had will not allow us to lose this game. Now come next week vs. Little Rock or Iowa State, I will be back to my normal nail biting self. Elite 8 on the line, how could I not be.

    I am not sure why I am so confident. Maybe it’s because I know Texas Tech missed at least 5 layups and practically gave that game to Butler. Texas Tech was right in the game down the stretch and went to the out house. Maybe because Butlers BIG wins are questionable. Ellenson was banged up vs. Marquette, Georgetown ending was dicey to say the least.

    But I think the majority of my confidence in Saturday’s game is simply we are just to great a team to lose this game to this team Saturday. lets freakin’ go Cavs. Our destiny is in Houston.
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  3. I like turtles

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    Pretty good but elite 8 will be on the line
  4. Doctor Tobias Funke

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    You know what adkcavalier? I don't know why you're bringing this cocky attitude to the board, but I can tell you that it isn't welcome. You don't see any of our fans getting on your board and blabbering about how amazing we are, do you?

    So you can take your smugness back to your own message board and let us chat about the game in peace.
  5. Insane Dawg

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    Virginia has three players- Brogdan, Gill and Perrantes. Rest of team does not impress. Rebounding stats are pedestrian. Defense is good. They have lost to George Washington, Virfinia Tech, Georgia Tech, Florida State and Duke who is overrated. If we can get some turnovers we can get this. Then again Virginia may bore us into a loss. They certainly are not eye candy on offense.
  6. Insane Dawg

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    You are not going to Houston.
  7. ndfan1993

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    We come out and give A effort and we can win this one....if we come out like today we lose by 10+.

    I have a feeling this game will be tight and we pull it out at the end 67-65.
  8. theenforcer13

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    Yeah, but what about no Turner?
  9. readyletsgo

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    Here is my prediction for the game:

    Butler gets off to a bad start. Virginia is hitting shots while Butler is struggling against their defense. They double us up, say 24-12. A bit more than halfway through the 1st, we come out of a timeout in a zone defense. Virginia doesn't attack it very effectively, and our renewed defensive energy allows us to work our way back to a halftime tie.

    Second half seesaws for a while. Wideman will dive into the stands for a lose ball and knock over a water jug, soaking his sneakers. Fowler donates his shoes so Wideman can keep playing. Butler keeps running the picket fence play for Dunham, who hits 8 of 9 three pointers and ices it at the free throw line as Butler stuns Virginia.
  10. thespianrunner

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    I just like the opportunity to take on a #1 seed. Remember, last time we were in the 8/9 game, in this quadrant of the bracket, some good stuff happened...
  11. 740OHIOBulldog

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  12. BUWBalum33

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    Looks like 7:10 pm

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  13. PSUButlerFan

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    I think I'll stake everything on Virginia.
  14. chas1116

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    In all seriousness- Virginia is an absolute joke as a #1 seed, let's see

    1) Couldn't even win your conference's regular season- nice try, thanks, here's your parting gift now take your sorry a$$ home- LOL
    2) Got your azzzz whooped in the conference tourney by a mediocre UNC team
    3) Lost to doormats Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Florida State and yep, George effing Washington!!! Great job wahoos, thanks for showing up- LOL!!!!

    A "great" team??? Yeah- that's a good one!!!! A crappy #1 seed that's favored by a measly 7 points over a #9 seed bears zero resemblance to anything great- my stomach hurts I'm laughing so hard at your post!!! Virginia??? Has Virginia ever accomplished ANYTHING in the NCAA tourney...ever????? Have not made it past R2 in >20 freaking years??? ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO????? Do you know how many God awful programs have made it to the second weekend the past 20 years???? Just not pathetic UVA- LOL!!!!! Good luck bro- is Sampson or Turner playing this Saturday? Jeff Jones??? What about Edelin?? John Crappy??
  15. bulldogs51

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    Fake troll. You missed the joke.

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  16. UDDawg

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    This thread has become total, epic greatness and we're still over a day away from tipoff. Gotta love keeping the "adk[place team name here]" username alive!
  17. adkIrish

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    Hey guys remember me? Lets freaking go Irish, Round of 32 on the line tomorrow vs. Michigan!

    Post got deleted somehow the first time, but Lets freaking go Irish!
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  18. ThaddeusB

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    Classic stuff. Makes me laugh every time.
  19. Doctor Tobias Funke

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    I don't remember. I blacked out.
  20. Doctor Tobias Funke

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    I don't remember. I blacked out.

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