Butler Bulldogs (9-1) vs Indiana Hoosiers (8-1) - 12/17

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Irishdawg, Dec 14, 2016.

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    Readyletsgo, thanks for posting the entire feed of the game. Somehow my cable company lost my recording of the game, so when I saw your post I was ecstatic.
    I have been following this board for a while but haven't been in the mood to post. Great following most of the poster; Willis, as always you make me laugh. A lot of the long time, older posters don't seem to be on much, but it's good to see some still being feisty.
    Dawgs look real good and hope they go big Wednesday. As someone who used to live in the Green Mountain state I have some feeling for UVM but maybe 1% and 110% with my alma mater.
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    That's a really good point I didn't consider...that was right before Kelan went crazy on them in the first half. Shows a lot of composure on his part.
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    Kelan's responses to that and to coming off the bench for a game were both very impressive. He's got a killer instinct that will win us more games in the next 2 years.
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    Absolutely. What he did Saturday reminded me damn near to a T of what Shelvin did against UWM in the Horizon championship game and against Flordia in the tourney, in 2011. Gentlemen, I'm the best player on the court, now sit back and let me kill these pricks. Shelvin had that in him when needed. Kelan did it the other night. Give me the wheel and I'm driving, son. He was an assassin out there, and even the times he may have been a little trigger happy, you liked it because it wasn't just chucking, he was trying to bury the body more than 6 feet. I see a touch of that in Baldwin, so once Kelan moves on, Baldwin takes that wheel. Butler needs that killer. That one guy who just knows...boys, I got this. Martin is that dude for now, and he is exactly what you said, a killer on the court. He wants to destroy teams. And, I for one love. He's afraid of nothing.
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    Or lose us some, if he doesn't also maintain the composure he displayed on Saturday. I think he's a stud, and every great team needs a killer. Just pointing out that there's a balance that needs to be there, and held together with the team leadership.
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    In Indiana... Holy Crap how do you guys stand this cold! (Only half kidding, I grew up in Illinois, but have been in the south for 25 years, with frequent trips to the fun deserts of the world to supplement the hot.) :p :eek::(
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    Unless Publishers Clearing House knocks on my door, I have already received 2 of the best X-mas gifts I could have hoped for. A win over my alma mater and I discovered where Butler University is located. Years ago when the basketball program was gaining steam I was walking a beach at Fort Lauderdale, when a guy seen my Butler t-shirt and asked me if Butler was in Butler Indiana? This past Sunday while traveling the back roads heading to KY, I went thru the town of Butlerville Indiana on highway 50. I was relieved to finally find out where it was.
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    There is a Butler, IN. It's in the extreme northeast corner of the state. Passed through it once by accident. If you blink you've missed it!

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    Admins, can we maybe un-sticky this thread?
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    Great info Yogi and we all know money talks.
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    Can anyone tell me what song it is the butler band is playing during the broadcast immediately after the wideman dunk at the end of the game? It's a regular song that the band plays, but I don't k ow what it is.

    BUBBALUM Member

    If it's at the end of the game (after the game is over), the band plays three songs after the buzzer (though the second song is almost never played at away or neutral sites). It goes War Song, Celebration, and then Back to Butler. Personally, I was not paying attention to the band, for once, because I was focusing on the game.
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    It's "Sell Out" by Reel Big Fish.
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    Such an awesome song. That whole CD is. I listened a lot in 2001.... freshman year in HS.
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    I have a T-shirt signed by Aaron Barrett, circa "Why do they Rock so Hard".

    I've always taken way better care of that shirt than it deserves.
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    Here's the Butler/IU game in case any of you missed it/didn't record it/saw it from the nosebleed section like me.

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    I am really hoping that Barry takes a long look at our participation in the Crossroads Classic going forward.

    I mean, every other year we play a team who we are supposed to beat that manages to lose a home game to Nebraska. I just don't see what's in it for us when we could be playing quality opponents on a national stage like Kentucky or UCLA.

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