Butler Bulldogs at Xavier Muskateers - 11/13 - 4:00 PM

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    This has been true since Matt Howard graduated[hr]
    Outside of Florida and Kentucky when was the last time the SEC was relevant?
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    This is a great point, but I don't know if it was no one could create as much as the system didn't really allow or encourage creation. It made players like Hop, Dev, and CHD's abilities irrelevant and at times out of place. That's why I believe Brad stated Hop would have been fighting for a starting spot. How? The PG role in this offense is not significant, and has not been for a while. That is why Barlow, Jackson, and Rose can play the PG spot. It's cool I guess that Rose can play the PG spot, but it does not give us any advantages offensively. In the past, Brad's system created the mismatches, the help, etc., not the players ability. This worked well with the pieces he had before, but not now. With the absence of Hop, Devontae stuck to the bench, and now CHD gone, you truly have no players that can create now.

    I don't believe it's so much the player talent this year, but more the system they are in. Can't run a half court system with no advantage inside and all the offense geared toward the PG and 2G. It's great to be different than everyone else at times, but with the personnel this year he should have conformed to regular ball. Utilize the speed of Smith, combine that with the transition shooting of the guards, and top it off with transition athleticisim in Kyle. This would have required Rot moving to the 2G spot.

    Recruiting suffers not because of who they recruited, but what the players recruited are allowed to do in the current system. If I am a playmaking guard it does not look good, and Rot is not enticing a ton of NBA hopefuls to transfer at the current moment. Tougher still is an anemic offense enticing high tempo guards & wings. It will be enticing for bigs, but a tough sell for guards. In a high tempo conference, Butler's offense will shine like a beacon of light for lacked of purpose, excitement, and as being highly ineffective. That will hurt recruitment.

    I'm hoping Brad changes it up a little, because he has solid players...but not for the system he's trying to run.
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    Now everybody read back through this thread and reflect on how ignorant and short-sighted some of these comments are.

    "Hardly any A10 talent on this roster"

    "Smith isn't even a good Horizon League player."

    "This team is fundamentally flawed and this season and the last have changed the way I think of Brad Stevens and his staff."

    "the Dawgs should petition to get back into the Horizon League."

    "We should get this figured out by the Hanover game and look like world class then and win our second game."

    Seriously. Be better than this. It's embarrassing and paints our fans as idiots.

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