Butler Bulldogs vs Marian Knights (Exhibition) - 10/27 - 2:00 PM

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Jared Grubbs, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. BUcheer

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    None of the other new panes of glass are frosted--but perhaps the east windows are. If so, it is very slight as it hasn't caught my eye when I've been in the building.
  2. Three Specks

    Three Specks New Member

    Stigall is starting tomorrow. Heard this from a good source
  3. Mr X

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    This was too easy to predict with Stigall starting. It will be interesting to see how long it takes this year for someone to replace him in the lineup.
  4. Title

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    It won't be before they lose games that they can't afford to, to get that at-large berth that sits on a razor's edge.

    I was actually allowing the Hope Monster to breathe a little bit. He just died. SMH

  5. Jared Grubbs

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    Makes sense to go to with seniority in the first exhibition. No doubt he was getting first crack at Hopkins spot. I would just hope at this point he isn't just awarded the job because he has had it in the past though. If he earns it then so be it, but he doesn't deserve a long leash.
  6. Jared Grubbs

    Jared Grubbs Administrator Staff Member VIP Member

    Smith has to be able to finish inside if this team wants to be good. He's left several easy points off the board.
  7. Blue three

    Blue three Active Member

    Looks like Dunham really found his stroke in the 2nd half. I was following the gamecast but how did he look in person?

    Any other first impressions besides Smith still being soft under the boards? Good to see he picked up where he left off last year. Berry(and Chrabez) can't get here fast enough.
  8. Three Specks

    Three Specks New Member

    Dunham was nice. Marshall had some great post moves. Smith looked soft as always. Clarke was rusty. His legs were tired. Overall, I was impressed with the team
  9. Irishdawg

    Irishdawg Banned User

    If they can work in Smeathers into the rotation and he can keep shooting the ball well, that will help make up for the lack of production from the interior that they'll run into during the year.
  10. jkcdawgs

    jkcdawgs Well-Known Member

    Smeathers had the best game IMO. He a few hustle plays and ended up with 9. Still got burned once or twice on defense though.
  11. Jared Grubbs

    Jared Grubbs Administrator Staff Member VIP Member

    I was impressed with Clarke on the defensive end. Both Aldridge and CHD got beat a few times at the point, but I didn't think Clarke did very often. I didn't notice too many flaws at the point offensively from anyone though (Jones included). I thought the offense had pretty good flow for this point in the season.
  12. kac12568

    kac12568 Well-Known Member

    I was extremely disappointed with Free Throws from Jones. The staff had all summer to help him and he still looks worse than Shaq. I did notice he isnt leaning backwards but standing straight up and very stiff. The Dawgs added some trapping on defense which was a pleasant surprise.

    The first half the Dawgs barely moved the ball on offense and stood flat footed watching each other dribble. They moved a little more in the second half. They added a set play for the 3 point shooters, curling from the baseline to the top of the key. All the Dawgs looked comfortable taking that shot.

    Smeathers, doing his best Steve Nash impression (fixing his hair) reminded me of Matt Howard with the hustle plays. He looked comfortable and I am excited to see him live up to his potential.

    And don't forget about Barlow........solid off the bench providing a lot of energy on defensive and crashing the boards.
  13. butlerfan

    butlerfan New Member

    His benching early in the second half was a huge message by Brad. Smith just wasn't getting anything done today. About the only good play he made was that beautiful pass to Marshall for a dunk in the first half. Brad has to light a fire under him. It's now or never. We need him to play better than this. And he can.

    I thought Woods was really active on the boards. He got 7 in just 10 minutes in the first half. Smeathers and Stigall really played within themselves and made plays offensively today. If they can continue to do that when we start facing better length and quickness that will be a huge bonus. Loved their hustle today.

    Clarke is as good as advertised. Never saw him at Arkansas, but he is very savvy and fearless. His shot selection is going to be really good too. Likewise with Dunham. Both of those guys know how to get shots. Teams are really going to have to extend to guard us too. Kellen canned 4 in a row in an impressive 5 minute stint in second half.

    I thought Barlow did what Barlow can do today. Tough kid that scrapes and fights. He's alot like Chris Kramer IMO. Not much burn today for CHD or Morgan. I wonder if one of them is redshirted? But if we did that would possibly put 5 in the 13 class. Not sure if we want to do that. We might need both of them this season if an injury occurs.

    Lot of good things today especially in that second half.
  14. Bulldog Grit

    Bulldog Grit New Member

    I wasn't too impressed. We played Marian University. 1st Half looked ominously like last year all over: missed outside shots, missed layups by Smith, missed FT's by Smith and Jones (he had a line drive FT - absolutely no arch). I was hoping for better spacing and greater inside out scoring opportunities. We had maybe 26 points at halftime if that tells you something.

    Second half was better from the standpoint of knocking down 3's curling off a high screen. Seemed like all our points came from the outside. CHD didn't enter game until 2:40 to go. He got beat almost immediately so he had to hack/foul. He looked a little slow. Also, Aldridge got beat twice in a row on defense so Brad pulled him. I don't think he re-entered the game after that point.

    Smeathers, yea, he hustled and got a standing ovation. I applaud his efforts. He has a nice shot. He looked like he added some muscle, too. I just wish he was a bit faster like Hayward because he does have some smoothness or fluidity to his movement. We'll see how he does in the A-10 and versus tough teams.

    Woods as skinny as ever and no offense.

    We'll see how they progress.
  15. Three Specks

    Three Specks New Member

    The addition of Clarke really opened up our offense. Also, a comment was made to me about Stigall. Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that he does an AMAZING job of getting open. He seems to always be in the right place for the shot.
  16. Butler1970

    Butler1970 New Member

    Sounds like Smith is continuing his soft ways. He certainly can be frustrating. That may be why he only played 14 minutes.[hr]
    I didn't see the game. Sounds like Smeathers wasn't as bad as people on this site have said. How was Fromm? I liked him last year more than Smith who often infuriated me for being soft, refusing to dunk and lack of intensity. Sounds like Marshall played well. Woods rebounding and defensive stats were good. Stigall must have played well.
  17. ConnersvilleBulldog

    ConnersvilleBulldog Well-Known Member VIP Member

    My observations from the game:

    - Clarke changes the offense dramatically. Him being on the floor opens up the offense. He will play most of every game. It was an exhibition game today and he barely left the floor.

    - Smith was just as soft, if not more, than last year.

    - I thought Marshall's free throw shooting looked a lot better from last year. Less of a line drive. He still only hit about 50%, but the ones he missed rimmed out instead of slamming off the back of the rim.

    - Stigall will benefit from having Clarke on the court. He can play his game, find openings and spot up.

    - Kam doesn't look like he's gained any weight. He was disruptive on the defensive end.

    - Kellen was impressive. He doesn't look quick enough to create his own shot off the dribble, but if he finds an opening to shoot he will knock em down.

    - Barlow got a lot of time off the bench. Walk-on or not, the kid is tough as nails.

    - Smeathers jumper looks better than his hair. If he can play a Pete Campbell roles this season, it could be a huge boost to an offense that struggled to score last year.

    - Rosie is Rosie. Still doesn't appear to have developed a jumper. His free throw form looked slightly better than last year, although it was the same result. He is going to get about as much playing time as Clarked due to his versatility.

    - Fromm did a good job of finding openings in the offense. His shot wasn't falling today, but I like his aggressive play. He is not shy about shooting.

    - Aldridge didn't do enough today to get a good read on him. He did get blown by a couple of times by Marians small, quick point guard.

    - CHD and Morgan didn't get much playing time. I wouldn't expect a ton of minutes from them this year barring foul trouble.

    Overall, the first half worried me. Missed lay-ups and missed free throws were far too frequent. The second half was 100% better. The shots started falling, which was very refreshing. It is hard to put too much weight into a game against Marian, but the team did show a lot of promise. And it's still better than losing an exhibition game like they did last season. All in all, I feel better about the season than I originally did.
  18. WesB

    WesB New Member

    I'm just gonna go player by player from what I saw:
    Emerson Kampen - 2 min
    - The usual...didn't play until the very end of the game. He had a good look from 3 point range that went in and out. He also threw up an ugly shot with the clock winding down.

    Devontae Morgan - 2 min
    - I didn't really see too much anything during his two minutes. He grabbed a defensive board.

    Chris Harrison-Docks - 4 min
    - Crappy defensive, nothing special on offense, and foul happy.
    - Played 4 minutes and really didn't contribute anything to the team
    - We will likely not see a whole lot of him this season.

    Alex Barlow - 8 min
    - It's the defensive intensity from last year, plus he's looking way looser and more comfortable handling the ball on offensive.
    - Key perimeter defender off the bunch. I like how someone on this thread compared him to Chris Kramer. Very appropriate comparison.

    Jackson Aldridge - 11 min
    - Some issues with him on defense.
    - He has leadership capabilities as a point guard off the bench for Butler. I'm interested to see what Brad is going to do with him this year.
    - Knocked down a wide-open 3 with the shot clock winding down and had a couple assists (and a couple TOs)

    Andrew Smeathers - 11 min
    - One of the best stories of the game. Epitomized Butler Basketball with the way he played today.
    - His shot was pristine from beyond the arc (3-4) and you could frequently see him falling in the first row of the crowd, diving for the ball and making saves.
    - It felt like he played 15 -16 min at least with the contribution that he made today.
    - Only concern is the mobility on defense (got beat a few times)

    Andrew Smith - 14 min
    - Just absolutely horrendous. End of Story.
    - Looked alright defensively, but God Almighty...put the ball in the hoop.
    - I wouldn't be surprised if Woods takes his place in the starting lineup. Another option would be to make Marshall the 5 and Jones the 4, then slide Dunham in as the 3.

    Erik Fromm - 15 min
    - Solid performance for Frommy.
    - Solid defense, got good looks on offense, and looked fluid on both sides of ball.
    - I was digging his old school baby hook in the post.

    Chase Stigall - 17 min
    - Looked very confident and worked well with Rotnei Clarke. These two are going to fun to watch in the front court this season.
    - Got open and knocked down some 3s
    - Excellent defender, will be a starter unless he reverts back to his shooting woes of last season.

    Khyle Marshall - 19 min
    - Grant it, Marian was the opponent, but Khyle looked very good offensively underneath the basket.
    - Had a few mental lapses under the basket on defense, but for the most part he showed no signs of concern on either side of the ball.

    Kameron Woods - 21 min
    - We all know it, this kid has the potential to be the best rebounder that Butler has ever had. He showed it today with 8 boards.
    - 8 boards, 4 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks shows you the kind of contributor that Woods will be for the Dawgs this season.
    - His shot looks much improved from last year, but I still don't want to see him firing off mid-range jumpers like he's shelvin mack.
    - He will be a key to Butler's success in the second-chance department this season.

    Kellen Dunham - 23 min
    - I hope you guys are as excited as I am to see this kid in a Butler uniform for 4 years.
    - From what I saw today, he was really only taking set 3s. I can see him developing a scoring repertoire as the season progresses.
    - He has good ball-handling ability for his size.
    - I so excited about this kid I don't even know what to say...he's young though, not even close to his potential as a scorer.

    Roosevelt Jones - 25 min
    - Best defender on the team.
    - he's not afraid to take it to the rack.
    - His FT shooting might be even worse than last year. It's a disgusting looking FT shot.
    - Good rebounder as well

    Rotnei Clarke - 28 min
    - Had a bit of an off-day shooting, but man...this kid is a special player. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but when he was on the court, he seemed to make the other guards better.
    - He brought a positive energy and provides the team with leadership potential.
    - He's a fearless competitor. I think he's going to be a first team A-10 player at least. The last player I can think of that brought this sort of energy, confidence, and competitiveness to the team was AJ Graves...except this kid can also take it to the rack.

    Overall I'm extremely excited for this season. I don't care what anyone says, if Butler can utilize this revitalized perimeter shooting and can defend the way they are capable of, they can beat anyone. It's truly going to be a year where we live and die by the 3.

    Comments appreciated

    Wes B
  19. ConnersvilleBulldog

    ConnersvilleBulldog Well-Known Member VIP Member

    One other thing that really impressed me about Jones was his perimeter defense. At times he guared Marians 5'8 guard who was quick enough to blow by Aldridge and CHD. Having someone with that kind of defensive versatility is a huge asset.
  20. Dog77

    Dog77 New Member

    Last year Woods had a hitch in his jump shot. Has he smoothed that out and made it a more fluid stroke?

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