Butler Bulldogs vs Marian Knights (Exhibition) - 10/27 - 2:00 PM

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Jared Grubbs, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. thevinrod

    thevinrod Active Member VIP Member

    Clarke is shot-happy, but his shot is soft. Just didn't get the bounces today, but all of the ones he missed were in-and-out.

    Say what you want about previous incarnations of Chase Stigall, but the kid looked the part of a starting SG on this team. His defense is great, and he played well within the offense. He will benefit HUGELY when Clarke/Dunham/Smeathers are drawing perimeter defenders.
  2. Butler1970

    Butler1970 New Member

    I wonder if Smith even understands thatch is soft or really cares that much?
  3. Jared Grubbs

    Jared Grubbs Administrator Staff Member VIP Member

    Another thing I wanted to point out is that this team is very versatile. There were numerous lineups thrown out there and nearly all were intriguing. Stevens can send out either a great shooter or a great defender to fill any position 1-5 to fit the scenario.

    For example, one lineup I kind of liked that I had never really thought about was the Clarke, Jones, Dunham, Smeathers, Woods lineup that was out there at one point. That lineup has an elite perimeter and interior defender, so it will at worst hold its own defensively. It also has 3 elite 3 point shooters that are capable of putting up a lot of points in a short period of time. It's not a lineup you would start, but it provides a pretty unique look that I really liked.
  4. I Am Butler

    I Am Butler Well-Known Member

    With Castro in the fold, it makes zero sense to RS CHD and clog up a roster spot for an additional year. He's not good enough to warrant the fifth year.

    Morgan would be a strong candidate but We will need him for the depth if nothing else.
  5. WesB

    WesB New Member

    One more thing to point out. Everyone can handle the ball besides Smith,Marshall, and Woods. Smeathers isn't the greatest but still...we've got Clarke, Stigall, Aldridge, and Barlow who are all excellent ball handlers. Dunham is good and will get better. I'm excited for a lot of playmaking from the guards this year.
  6. peeps112

    peeps112 Well-Known Member

    Glad Chase knocked down some shots, but Dunham looked much more consistent in his role (even when he wasnt shooting). Hope they both contribute. Neither plays good defense (don't kid yourself on the former).[hr]
    Great point ButlerWay. Loved that lineup, too. Some of our best success was having Smeathers, Dunham, Clarke, and Marshall on at the same time - the former were bombing away and the latter was going to work down inside. Add Jones or Woods to the list to guard various people, and it is a dangerous lineup.
  7. Three Specks

    Three Specks New Member

    Dunham did do really well against Marian. However, I would still like to see him driving the ball to the basket more. In the first game he simply roamed around the arc. I don't want him to only shoot 3's. He is capable of doing alot

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