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    According to this research of on-court success relative to recruiting, only three schools have had more success relative to their recruiting rankings than Butler since 2005. In other words, Butler is a true outlier in identifying, utilizing, and/or developing talent. (Given that this data begins with 2005, it takes into account two of Butler's worst seasons this century - 05 and 06. If they'd just done the last ten seasons, or the 17 seasons of this century, Butler may rank first.)

    It isn't really surprising, but it's interesting to see the data match our suppositions.

    Other notables schools that have done relatively well:
    • Wisconsin
    • Gonzaga
    • Wichita State (how much is due to transfers?)
    • VCU (Shaka)
    • Northern Iowa
    • Creighton

    Notable schools that have under-performed:
    • Indiana
    • Illinois
    • St. John's
    • DePaul
    • Texas
    • UCLA
    • NC State
    Notables who basically perform as you would expect given their recruiting:
    • Providence
    • Xavier
    • Seton Hall
    • Marquette
    • Georgetown
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    Lot's of innuendo and assumptions made in this research. But it is very interesting. He describes his process well and makes a case for these schools who over-perform to have a knack for finding talent that others overlook and then putting them into a system where they can be successful and achieve greater than otherwise.
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    It's hardly scientific, but it's a tough thing to measure and I can't come up with a better way. And, the schools it charts as over- and under-performers generally aligns with what you'd guess.
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    Nothing surprising. Anecdotal evidence would get you similar lists,
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    A lot of this is because Stevens developed players, knows what buttons to press mentally, and how to get them in the perfect spots to maximize their skill sets, he does the same in the NBA, look at how Jae Crowder and several others have fell off after being separated from Stevens. Nolan Berry, Elijah Brown, etc would of all IMO shined at Butler under Steven's tutelage, imagine how Steven's could get Jorgenson to play. Dang you Danny Ainge!

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