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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by bd5, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. bd5

    bd5 Administrator Staff Member

    Posted this on the other board and figured I would carry it over here.


    Doesn't seem to add up this year - $79.95 for the year or pay $49.95 (using the $9.95 monthly rate) for the 5 months they are listing bball games. I am assuming the yearly price is a good deal if it includes other sporting events in August-November, but for this year you might want to just do the $9.95 per month.

    In fact, if it is true that you pay $9.95 and get 30 days access, you should be able to get all Butler games for only $29.85 if you purchase access on Nov. 10th for the Elon game. If I am understanding it correctly, your first month (if purchased on 11/10) would cover up until the Dec. 22 game. If you renewed on Dec. 22nd, then that would cover up until the Jan. 23 game. Then if you renewed for the Jan. 23 game, you should be good for the rest of the streams listed (up through the Feb. 19 game).

    Will try to confirm is this true - I know it says it renews automatically, but I assume you can turn that off.
  2. Butler1970

    Butler1970 New Member

    Fantastic news on streaming!
  3. WDLTH

    WDLTH New Member VIP Member

    Can someone a little more tech savy help me please. What is the optimal way of getting the CSTV video from my PC to play on my TV? Since there is not an app for CSTV, then Apple TV won't work right?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Irishdawg

    Irishdawg Banned User VIP Member

    I think Nil hit the nail on the head on the other board. Lots of TVs have a VGA cable hookup on the back, so you can try that route, or if your TV doesn't they make adapters (though they can be difficult to find) that you can hook a VGA cable up to and then use component cables to plug into your television.

    If you use an Apple, they have similar adapters for the video outputs that I know I've seen before at the Apple store that you can plug into your TV.

    Hope this helps.
  5. ButlerGoalie

    ButlerGoalie Well-Known Member

    If you've got one of the newer Mac OS, I believe you can mirror your computer through the Apple TV. Don't quote me on that though, I haven't tried it (as I don't have an Apple TV).

    See here:

  6. BUStudent

    BUStudent Active Member

    If it is a recent computer (and tv) they often come with HDMI ports. Some PCs dont require you to buy an adapter while others (and macs) might need an adapter. Thats what i use for my mac when streaming games to my tv.
  7. steelydan

    steelydan New Member

    yeah I have a mini DVi to HDMI adapter for my mac and hook it up to the TV using an HDMI cable. you can buy the adapter on amazon for cheap.

    Anyone know if you'll be able to share a user account? My buddy and I were thinking of buying 1 subscription and splitting the cost. We've been doing this with mlb.tv for years
  8. bujet15

    bujet15 New Member

    Come on steelydan! It's $10. Butler needs ur money. Who u sharing with? Boente?
  9. But61ler

    But61ler Member

    if you buy a 4 month subscription and watch the 13 games it comes to only $3.06 per game.
  10. pmb72

    pmb72 New Member

    I agree. Are we really that poor? Give these services their due.
  11. I Am Butler

    I Am Butler Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know whether I would be able to stream these games over my iPhone 5?

    When I go to the CSTV address the "Live Games" tab and scheduled games do not show up on my iPhone like they do on my laptop.

    Granted I haven't signed up yet, but I that isn't a very encouraging sign.
  12. steelydan

    steelydan New Member

    I'm a grad student, so I AM that poor. This is $10/month more than I had to pay last year when we were in the Horizon. Plus, I think the NCAA and services like this make enough money off college basketball that they'll be just fine in the long run.

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