Butler vs. Georgetown (1/13)

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Shane Davis, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. Insane Dawg

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    Didn’t get a chance to watch the first half so don’t know who started and what defense GT employed in the first half. In the second half they played zone which prevented drives by AT and Taylor. Looks like LJ countered by employing Harris and Bolden as three point shooters. Am I right?

    Our defense was bad for a big part of the second half leading to a ton of fouls putting them at the foul line. This allowed GT to set up their press making it difficult for the Dawgs to get the ball into play and leading to turnovers. SJU going to be a hole lot better at exposing us at this.

    Was not impressed with our second half and felt we should have won by at least 25 against this undermanned bad team.
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    I've observed the same thing. I wonder if he is struggling to adapt to the Butler schemes, as far as I know, at EMU it was pretty much a run and gun operation, so perhaps that is weighing on him. He also did not regularly see 6-11 centers and 6-10 forwards, and his height is not as imposing now as it was in the MAC, those trees will cause you to ponder your options...
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    It's always great to get a win and I am happy for everyone involved. It was a game that we should have won especially against a depleted and bad team. Not sure what game some of you were watching when speaking about all the movement on offense, I still saw a lot of standing around, watching our guards play hero ball and then chucking a 3 with less than 5 seconds on the shot clock.
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    There was a stretch of about 3 foul calls that were pretty ridiculous that lead to the free throws sooner than they should have been

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    Yeah despite it being a win, that didn't inspire a lot of confidence in me. This is still a bad basketball team. Short-handed Georgetown was just worse. Not sure if this is bad news or not, but because of the Covid rescheduling, they are basically going to have no real practice time until the last week of the season before the Big East tourney. So other than knowing there will be one-off games they'll hit more shots than normal, I'm not expecting to see much improvement between now and the end of the year.
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