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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Irishdawg, Sep 29, 2012.

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    I know awhile back Butlerway (or someone) said that they would be making a blog entry about how this year's team could actually be comparable to the 2010-2011 team.

    Though they won't run their offense as such, I would actually say this team would likely be more comparable to the 2010-2011 BYU team with Rotnei Clarke taking the place of Jimmer Fredette, and that would probably be their best bet of scoring points (and ultimately, their success as a team) this year. The reason for that is that in his last season of college basketball, Clarke took up just over 20% of Arkansas' possessions, but of all the players in the NCAA that used 20% or more of their team's possessions, had the 18th highest efficiency rating of 120.8, just slightly higher than Matt Howard was that year (120.2).

    Meanwhile (and not very surprisingly), Butler didn't have a player rated in the Top 100 last year, with Khyle Marshall having the top efficiency rating on the team of 110.3 (Smith was right behind him at 110.1). Also, between Hopkins and Stigall, two of the worst statistical offensive players in the Horizon league, took 27.2% and 19.5% of the team's shots when they were in the game (this does not mean they took this % of the team's total shots for the year), but that is entirely too much for guys that weren't very good offensively (not that anyone was good last year). With the addition of Clarke, this will obviously change, but he and Dunham are going to have to take (and make) an obscene amount of shots in order for Butler to become a good offensive team, because they won't be as good defensively as they were last year.

    Another reason why I want Clarke to take as many shots as he possibly can next season is because Woods, Marshall, Jones and Smith were in the Top 15 in the HL in Offensive Rebounding percentage. While I don't think they'll be quite that high in the A-10, that is what they actually do well.

    While a strategy like this would seem easy to defend against, BYU did have success with it and was able to protect Jimmer from actually having to play defense, which is not Clarke's strong suit either. I know it's Butler and Brad loves defense, but he needs to do at least what he did with Mack and stick Clarke on the weakest offensive player on the other team to conserve his energy for where it will be needed the most, on the offensive end of the court.
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    Do you mean there is a glimmer of hope for this soon to be irrelevant team?
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    This is more of a post to say, if I were Brad Stevens (and he knows the stats and various rating percentages better than a lot of us), this would be my strategy to get as many victories as possible. The challenge, however, is actually creating shots for Clarke. If he is quicker and can actually handle having the ball in his hands as much as possible, then he might be able to create his own shot, however, the team is also going to have to be very good at setting screens for him (and even moreso for Dunham), and this is not something they excelled at last year.

    I'm going to be very interested to see how Butler runs its offense this year. I think the principles will largely be the same, but I also think for the first time since Archibald, the offense is going to be dependent on one guy to carry the offensive load for the team. For this season, that might be okay, but going forward, they are going to have to figure something else out.
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    Wasn't sure where else to put this about Rotnei:

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    Understand the point but disagree the team will be dependent on Rot. If anything, his outside shooting presence will open things up inside for Smith (who I think will be much improved), Khyle, and Rosie. I think this team will be much more balanced, and have much more offensive firepower, than one thinks.

    After all, we lost Ron, who was a terrific Butler player, but always a liability on the offensive end. We now have 5 people on the floor at one time who can potentially score. Heck, even Chase might be better offensively this year.
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    I understand the comparisons to Ron, to an extent, but let's be honest here. He was more limited offensively, as opposed to an offensive threat. While he was not the greatest free throw shoot, or even regular shooter for that matter, he always seemed to come up pretty huge in the clutch when the game was on the line (Stanford and Syracuse come to mind).

    I understand it is a moot point, but lets at least paint an accurate picture.

    As for Rotnei having the strongest shoulders in college basketball, agreed that it probably will not have to be the case this year. I am actually going to be in Indy this weekend and I am excited to catch the game, even though it is only preseason. It's especially tough being down in Nashville and only being able to catch the nationally-televised games. Yes, I am officially jealous.
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    I would love for your prediction to be right peeps, but just remember there are a ton of teams right now that are thinking the exact same things about their abilities on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. I think the biggest thing we can know for certain is that Rotnei's success is going to dictate a lot for this team offensively, and while I do expect some improvement over last year's team, if Rotnei struggles to score, I think this team will struggle to score.

    Like I said though peeps, I really do want you to be right.

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