Chuck Harris - 2020 Point Guard (Verbal)

Discussion in '2020 Recruiting Profiles' started by UDDawg, Dec 9, 2018.

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    I read a few articles and one even quoted his coach who said that he can take it to the rim and finish through contact and mid-range shots, but he needs to work on the 3-pt shot. I would say that he's an AT+... All articles praised his defensive game and his gaudy assists to turnover rate, so I'm going to say that AT is a fair comparable right now, but I would imagine that his ceiling is a bit higher. But yeah, call Joey Burton and let's get him to fix it. :)
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    AT who I love and think is going to have a big year was about 150 this dude is firmly (for now) inside 100 and most scouts/coaches felt like this year he's going to make a big time jump. You have to believe he projects as a pretty good 4 year guard for us and will get minutes as a freshman.
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  3. willisbrown

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    I so want everything you said to be true. And hopefully his commitment is just the dam breaking we need for a solid 4-5 man class.
  4. estar20dawg

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    This biggest compliment I found from his coach is that he plays with a chip on his shoulder. We need that again here. That's why I'm so for guys like Harris/Pack/Johnson/Beard. Look at what happens when you fill a team with guys with chips on their shoulders...Texas Tech & Virginia
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    It's a shame that Beilien accepting a job in the NBA has completely overshadowed (I understand why) the fact that Butler just landed one of it's few top 100 recruits in the history of the program.

    Glad to have you on board Chuck! Excited to see you contribute from day 1 and to develop into an All-Big East caliber point guard.
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  6. Master Bates 33

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    This commitment for overshadowed! What a great player we got. I sure hope he feels the love.

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  7. jkcdawgs

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    This is a good get. Valuable piece to a great puzzle hopefully. I don’t want to get too excited about the commitment until the UM search is over. Harris would be holding hands with LaVall on the way out the door.

    And that’s not me saying anything bad about the kid. Players commit to coaches, whether people want to hear it or not.
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  8. CarmelDawg23

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    This is true...Michigan has turned into a national powerhouse in a major conference that is among the elite year in and year out and their best 2019 recruit de-committed only a couple of days after the HC news. If the rumors are true that the players (and I assume the recruits) weren’t told ahead of time, that stinks, but clearly a HC has a major impact...moreso than the actual program in a lot of cases it seems.

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  9. willisbrown

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    For those excited, looks like it's ok to be excited now. I hope this kid finds a threatening shot and is a nice, firm foundation for what I pray is a stellar 2020 class. I feel confident about Brown, marginal about Scooby, not many feels on the rest.
  10. bumba

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    LJ & staff hopefully will feel like hitting the recruiting trail hard this summer. We still need a 2/3 in this class & a 5 if JMM can play a stretch 4.
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  11. firedupkaren

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    Remember when LaVall just landed one of the highest rated recruits in Butler history and the board barely celebrated?

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  12. Danville Bulldog

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    theenforcer13 says he's not very good.:)
  13. Hinkle Magic2

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    Feels good to actually get to celebrate this one.
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  14. theenforcer13

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    I said he doesn't look like a top 100 player. 52% chance though he ends up on the all Big East defensive team at least once during his tenure at BU.
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  15. estar20dawg

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    You don't get ranked that high without a reason. He's played on and with some of the best talent that has come out of high school into college that since are now going to the NBA most people who know the kid and coach him think he's a stud whose best is still yet to come. He's never had to be the guy...ever. he just goes to work and does his job exceptionally well, his teams all have a common theme... They win and he's the point guard on them. I'll be curious to see how he does this next high school year because he's going to have to be more of a scorer on his team this year. I absolutely love players that make everyone around them better and win and play with that chip on their shoulder. He won't ever back down from a fight which is something we seriously need in the Big East

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  16. BulldogsFTW

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    pepperidge farm remembers
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  17. estar20dawg

    estar20dawg Well-Known Member

    since we are always looking for more video, here's him from a couple years ago AAU

  18. Title

    Title Well-Known Member

    I kind of looks like Evan Gordon - who was also an early Top 100 guy
  19. estar20dawg

    estar20dawg Well-Known Member

    From a scouting service,

    "When Chuck is on the court he will give Gonzaga great ball security. He does not get stripped & owns compact & tight handle. Chuck has superb court vision & he knows how & when to deliver pin point passes. He can make every pass in the book which includes no look, one handed & off the dribble assists. However, overall he is not flashy & his playing style resembles a tough old school PG who does not make mistakes. Chuck will choose his spots & is a fantastic decision maker & ball mover. He is a downhill attacking PG who can easily beat full court pressure with a straight blow bye. Chuck adds, “My go to move is the between leg crossover, & I use a straight cross, hesitation & go, & various spin moves. I have great confidence in my ball handing & facilitation skills. I am always scanning my options & scenarios when I am on the court. When I have the ball I can see plays before they develop & if I make an assist I move onto the next play immediately.”

    Chuck is a very strong finisher at the rim where he can use either hand & either side of the floor to score. He easily splits double teams & traps & can score well from the mid range. Chuck has developed a very nice shot & has range to the college 3 point line. While Chuck can score from very angle & distance, 2 of his biggest attributes is that he is a winner who can impact the game without scoring. This season he will be an extension of Head Coach Stephen Turner while he is non the floor.

    In addition to his excellent all around offensive skill-set, Chuck could become a lock down defender this season. He is very aggressive and has high end lateral movement & instincts to go under screens when he chooses. Chuck will get steals & can rebound in traffic. He gets the 50-50 balls, will take charges & performs all the intangibles.

    He was clearly in charge & proves to be an elite ball handler & facilitator. Chuck is clearly a true PG & superb floor general. "

    Does that not sound like someone you want running your team or what?

    I'll add this pass that I can find

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  20. UDDawg

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    I'm getting a Scoochie Smith vibe from him. I'd be thrilled if Chuck evolved into a Scoochie type PG.

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