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    *Day 2 of my Social Distancing induced research.*

    What a job Chris Holtmann and staff did to find and recruit these guys. In the case of Sean McDermott, props to Brandon Miller on getting McDermott to commit to Butler. LaVall also kept this class together. This goes to show that many hands went into getting these guys to commit to our favorite program.

    Career Numbers:
    Sean McDermott #22
    7.8 ppg 47.4 fg%
    3.9 rpg 40 3fg%
    0.7 apg 82 ft%
    24 mpg 125 games played
    977 Career Points. With a minimum two more games left on the schedule, it was totally possible for him to eclipse 1000 points. That would have been such an honor for Sean. It is a shame that he will not get that opportunity. His averages were deflated because of his RS Freshman season.

    Henry Baddley #20
    3.4 ppg 47 fg%
    1.7 rpg 35 3fg%
    0.4 apg 69.9 ft%
    13.3 mpg 117 games played
    Baddley did not log a ton of minutes but was a nice defender off of the bench. This season he shot 40% from 3 and stepped up nicely when David was injured.

    Derrik Smits #21
    (Only taking Butler stats into account)
    3.1 ppg 58.8 fg%
    1.7 rpg n/a 3fg%
    0.5 apg 76.5 ft%
    9.6 mpg 17 games played
    LaVall recruited Smits to play a year for our Dawgs. Unfortunately, it was an injury plagued season. I would have loved to see him play the entire year and I think he would have made a bigger impact if he had not been injured.

    Kamar Baldwin #3
    14.7 ppg 44.6 fg%
    4.5 rpg 33 3fg%
    2.7 apg 81.7 ft%
    31.7 mpg 133 games played

    1956 points scored. 2000 points was in reach for Kamar and it is a shame that he will not have an opportunity to get there. An impact player from the moment he walked on campus.
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    Not sure what you mean about deflated averages because he red shirt?
    I’d say his averages were deflated because he disappeared from the offense (no fault of his own) too many games.

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    Slight typo, my bad. What I meant to say was that his first season (after the red shirt year) he only played about 10 minutes a game and his soph-junior-senior seasons he saw significantly more time on the floor. It is quite typical to see the jump in production/minutes from freshman to sophomore seasons.

    My point of even bringing it up is to say that stats do not tell the full story of Sean McDermott and his impact made on the Butler Basketball program.
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