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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by BigHoss, Apr 1, 2022.

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    I saw Thad doing long-distance well paced walks on and around campus the past few years. I think he will be fine physically. Now, get Ragland to stay and Barlow back in the house for a couple of years. Marshall too! Unfortunately, Nored will probably go for a different opportunity, unless there is an “understanding”, which would be a beautiful thing.
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  3. butlerguy03

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    …poof… and just like that the national negative attention is gone
  4. ap234

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    I do wonder how well Fife and Matta got along.
    I’m not sure about the fit and supposed issues at IU but there is the connection in place now.
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    you wrote no changes except G'town and 'Val would coach 2022-2023.
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    History cannot deny, to give a page or two for Bulter’s fighting crew!!!
  7. SCbulldogsfan4life

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    Yeah, I say he easily at least belongs in the top 4. He's definitely a qualified BE level coach, which I think is all any of us were really asking for.
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    Thad’s regular season and NCAA tournament records are almost silly. I just hope his body allows him to do what he is capable of doing. Could be a true stature elevator for the whole program and university, given not just the hopeful success-to-come, but also stability that few programs enjoy.
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    I still can't believe how down I was on the program this morning. I was picturing mass player exodus, a mid-level mid-major coach, , starting from scratch but without any realistic hope, talk of us leaving the BE etc. Ok, this was the worst case scenario in my head, but I have to admit, my mind was hanging out in that room a bit. Now it is like Holy Crap! It is a good day to be a Bulldog.
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    Ewing is so bad he’s got 2 coaches not even in the conference above him lol
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    Absolute out of the stadium, into the river homerun. Butler Basketball is ******* back baby!!!

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    Matta was the best, remotely realistic hire. Collier nailed this one.
  14. DawgPoundMac

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    Was never expecting it to happen, but hiring on Thad as HC was my ideal choice and I couldn’t be happier about it! Let’s get that staff assembled, convince Luko and friends to stay, and hit that Transfer Portal on Friday!!

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    I’m not.
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    This is a homerun hire...instantly shows Butler's commitment to men's basketball. I do feel bad for LaVall and the assistants, but not only were the results not there...the performance on the court didn't resemble the tough, fundamentally sound ball that we've been accustomed to. Matta, health-willing, can coach Butler until he is ready to retire.
    I wasn't as excited about Nored as some of you, nor was I down on Boals...but this is a tremendous turn of events.
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    Maybe, just maybe, Barry Collier and Jim Danko actually know what they are doing and aren't quite as dumb as some of the vocal members of this board opined ad nauseum. Just wondering out loud.
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