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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by BigHoss, Apr 1, 2022.

  1. DawgDude

    DawgDude Active Member

    Little trivia- supposedly Thad has two daughters who are Thetas at Butler.
  2. BUcheer

    BUcheer Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Can confirm through sources. As was Barb. Oldest has graduated though.
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  3. bumba

    bumba Well-Known Member

    Title called it earlier in the thread. Give the guy some credit whether you like him or not. All he's been advocating for since 2014 is exactly what happened today. He bleeds blue like the rest of us.
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  4. DawgsMD

    DawgsMD Forum Psychiatrist VIP Member

    I actually wasn’t asking sarcastically. I know he has his strong opinions and always “let’s start playing ball like we’re in the big East” and this hire seems like exactly the thing he wants. If he already said that I may have missed it with how many posts have been made in 72 hours.

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  5. Blue Baller 00

    Blue Baller 00 Active Member

    So you think this was the plan all along? You think Thad took a job at IU for just one yr before this could happen? You think the season ended and this was why they waited? I believe things went south quickly and the standing offer Barry made to Thad a few yrs ago came back into play. Thad would not have taken the job at IU if he planned to coach at Butler in a yr. I like the hire as Thad is a great guy, coach, and leader but I stand by my opinions of Barry too.
  6. MIBulldog

    MIBulldog Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Let me ask this, and it's a big "if". He's only 54. Could we get 10-15 years out of him, if his health allows?
  7. dawgs2014

    dawgs2014 Well-Known Member

    Perhaps I’m missing something, but can you please explain what I’m supposed to learn about Barry and Danko from them hiring one of the winningest coaches the last 25 years, who is also an excellent recruiter?

    They deserve praise for making this happen, but any casual college basketball fan in the country would know that if Thad Matta is interested in your program you should hire him.

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  8. Insane Dawg

    Insane Dawg Well-Known Member

    Good for you. Everyone needs to stand for something or they stand for nothing as the old saying goes.
  9. dawgs2014

    dawgs2014 Well-Known Member

    I don’t know why we’re using quotes that don’t work at all in this scenario, but I’ll take a stab it:

    “Freedom isn’t free.”

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  10. Insane Dawg

    Insane Dawg Well-Known Member

    That’s a quote as is this one by Pascal : “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

    Or - Lincoln’s- “ Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt”

    Been trolling the Xavier board today and find their members to be much like most of ours- a lot of bravado, chest pumping people believing they are important yet surely without a resume of success at anything. Most need to stay in a quiet room alone with their thoughts so as not to remove all doubt as to their foolery.
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  11. TheDawgDub95

    TheDawgDub95 Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Did Butler announce that it doesn't want to compete *in* the Big East but it wants to compete *for* the Big East?

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  12. pjohnsto2003

    pjohnsto2003 Well-Known Member


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  13. dawgs2014

    dawgs2014 Well-Known Member

    Insane Dawg, do you think self awareness is learned, or inherited?

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  14. ButlerBoyz

    ButlerBoyz Active Member

    We got to make sure to get Matta's favorite dip

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  15. BoyGeoff

    BoyGeoff Well-Known Member VIP Member

    In the immortal words of Delmar O’Donnell:
    We’ll I’m with you fellers!

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  16. tcdtcd

    tcdtcd Member

    Finding, and shelling out, the $$$$$$$$

    (this was in response to Dawgs2014 from his post above about this being an obvious hire)
  17. ButlerAlumDad716

    ButlerAlumDad716 Well-Known Member VIP Member

    As I posted before, I believe there was a job restriction clause in Thad's exiting from OSU. I've been on a coach search committee for a high mid-major and during a search an AC who was with Holtman at Gardner-Webb brought it up.
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  18. nicklas_early

    nicklas_early Well-Known Member

    Any speculation or insight on assistants Coach Matta might try to bring in? Current coaches that he might keep?
  19. Shane Davis

    Shane Davis Well-Known Member

    Right now I think the only thing that's been speculated is Jeff Boals could still join Matta's staff in a potential coach in waiting role. While I think it's possible he'll join, I doubt he'll be groomed for the HC job, Matta is 54 and Boals is 49, not much of an age difference if one is waiting for the other to step down. Personally I can't see him keeping most of the guys currently on staff.
  20. ap234

    ap234 Well-Known Member

    Ronald Nored has been speculated too. I think it’s a long shot but it might be possible. I personally wouldn’t mind to Ragland retained as well.
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