Cooper Neese - 2017 Shooting Guard (Indiana State)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by Jared Grubbs, Aug 14, 2015.

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    I actually agree with you, at least in terms of time demands within the sport of football vs. being a collegiate distance runner, sorry if that wasn't clear. All sports at a college level have an element of mental and physical exhaustion. I do think football brings it to another level with the amount of film and meetings that go along with all the weight training, conditioning and practices, not to mention the pressure of being a high profile sport.
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    You're out here in Manhattan? Need to find a Butler bar for the Dawgs in NY.

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    The notion that college is supposed to prepare someone for the real world is inherently distant.

    College for anyone is nothing like the real world, and even less so for athletes. Obviously there are lessons one can carry over, but in aggregate the experiences have almost no similarities.

    In college you do almost all your work outside of class. Real world, I do almost none of my work outside of work. I have far fewer hours scheduled without time than I did in college (even w 3 years of sports) yet far more free time.

    It’s a bad misconception of what college does. It doesn’t prepare you, it equips you.

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    Live in NJ. Work in midtown at Park and 39th/40th. I watch all the Butler games in my apartment since I have a projector that is 5'x7' :)
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    I was always equipped with hot pockets and four lokos.
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    No malice toward ISU or CN but he is rapidly becoming the most revered quitter in BU basketball history.
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    I don't see it that way.
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    It’s not bad that he recognized his level and transferred accordingly. That’s a far better resolution than the alternative
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    Yes recognizing "levels"could be important. Buy a mirror.
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    Though this thread has gone slightly off topic - There was an article in the last few days in a Louisville newspaper discussing the maturity of one of their freshman with a year of Prep School (though he had a 3.7 gpa in high school). The player discussed was a teammate of CD last year.
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    I think he did start questioning it after Holt left, but not *because* Holt left. My interpretation of what I know sounds like a freshman doing freshman things, then getting overwhelmed by the consequences of those freshman things.

    As a normal student, you are afforded time to make those mistakes, as an athlete, it’s much more difficult. I am sure it could have been worked out, but it wasn’t. I wouldn’t read too much into anything here though I do think Neese would have helped us quite a bit in the future.

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