D.J. Hughes - 2021 Forward (ETSU)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by Jared Grubbs, May 5, 2018.

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    Golden hit 79% over the season, 88% (22-25) over the last 13 games. A big improvement over last season's 69%.
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    I hope DJ's circumstances and drive allow him to join Pierce and Jayden in workouts with Joey very, very soon! He has said that he sees himself as a combo (perimeter/interior) threat. This would be very beneficial in that pursuit!!

    He is a spectacular sportsman and person, from every account I have read. His father, based on a post noted earlier, has incredible perspective and DJ is undoubtedly a very positive reflection of this. Let's hope he is able to develop into someone we celebrate on the floor as much as he will be worthy of celebration off of the floor.

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    To be honest, if my memory serves me correctly, there were actually three who brought our FT % down (AT, Nze & Hodges); unfortunately, they were the ones taking the ball to the basket resulting in them being fouled more often than the others. The only other player who got fouled around the basket was Golden and he did have a pretty decent FT %.
  4. Ignatius J. Reilly

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    I long for the sweet embrace of death to release this thread
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  6. Danville Bulldog

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    Does anyone have a stat on Hughes' free throw percentage this year? Was it over 50%? Just curious.
  7. Tentozen

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    Not even close.

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    Becaus your woke buddy was trying to bring Brad into the conversation when he hasn’t been involved with the program for 8 years now. You two are fun to read with dripping woke.

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    It’s almost as much fun as watching you cry about every foul that’s committed during a game. It’s like listening to the 10 year olds I use to coach.

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    Sorry man, but anyone who uses "woke" has a clear agenda. Everyone knows your media sources once you use it.
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  12. dawgs2014

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    I just think it’s interesting that the guy who brings his own politics into a thread about college basketball. This comes after littering other threads complaining about how Lavall bringing his own “politics” into college basketball ruins his chance to get a break from it.

    I’m not saying anything. I just think it’s interesting.

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  13. PSUButlerFan

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    I’ll try to break this down for you:

    His point was that coaches, including one of the best ever in Brad Stevens, miss on recruits all the time, so it is perfectly acceptable to question them, especially someone like Dawgs who spent a lot of time around basketball at Butler.

    So, by referencing that even a coach as great and accomplished as Brad Stevens can make bad scholarship offers to players who aren’t cut out for this level, he’s logically concluding that LaVall Jordan, a coach who is objectively not as good as Brad Stevens, might also make the same mistake. In fact you could argue that LaVall is more likely to make a mistake given he’s not as good as Brad.

    Brad 2011 class: Rose, Kam, Smeathers (two great, one who couldn’t play at this level)
    Brad 2012 class: KD, Morgan, CHD (1 great, two who couldn’t play at this level)

    LaVall already signed Hastings who was not a BE player. It’s not inconceivable that one of the three players in this class could be poor choices, basketball wise, for Butler going forward.

    Whether that’s DJ or not, I have no idea. People in this thread have seen concerning signs on film. Maybe they all suck. Maybe they are all lottery picks. The point is this is a message board to discuss and project.

    There’s a large difference between “Recruit X sucks and is a waste and will never play here” AND “Recruit X looks to have slow feet which he will need to improve to defend at the BE level”.

    Everyone in this thread is doing the latter.

    The fact that you’re mentally incapable of forming a logical conclusion that an A+ coach like Brad misses on guys and therefore LaVall might also miss too is why I said you’re an idiot.
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  14. I like turtles

    I like turtles Well-Known Member

    This is why I think you just may be a crazy person. You think you fall into the camp of "recruit x looks to have slow feet..."? Do you not remember what you have said over and over again?

    No one would have an issue if your criticism of this recruit was reasonable like he may need improvement in a certain area to play in the Big East. Instead you are baffled why we even offered and you think so low of this guy's effort and enthusiasm that he won't last a few months.

    That is some major league self denial there big guy
  15. NCJon

    NCJon Well-Known Member VIP Member

    If this discussion needs to continue, please take it to DMs. You've both had your say and it's clear neither is going to be moved. The insults, which admittedly are primarily coming from one party, are getting really old. It'd be great if this thread could get back to its topic.
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  16. The Hound

    The Hound Well-Known Member

    To the Hughes family: if you unfortunately visit this conversation, please understand that it is nothing more than internecine verbal conflict. We are very glad that D.J. will soon be in a Bulldog uniform and we hope he has a tremendous college career and experience at Butler University. We are lucky to have him and look forward to watching him become a great player at the next level.
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  17. the_speakers_lab

    the_speakers_lab Well-Known Member

    It seems ppl have forgotten DJ will be a Bulldog next season (protect your ACL's)
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  18. ButlerProf

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    Jumping in midstream on the notion of any player’s (or person’s) “effort,” one problem is EFFORT can only be inferred...by some measurable, observable, repeatable behavior. And, there must be some established or agreed upon criteria. For example, learning is inferred. How can I know anyone has learned anything? Measurable, observable, repeatable behavior, performance.
    So, it’s utterly subjective for me or anyone to suggest s/he isn’t trying or giving effort at whatever it might be. Maybe in fact s/he is trying really really hard and simply unskilled or something else. In addition, effort doesn’t necessarily “win the day.” Results are what matter in most cases. Some folks get results with less or more “effort.” On its face though, “effort” is subjective and virtually impossible to actually measure.

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  19. ButlerProf

    ButlerProf Well-Known Member


    “The logic that you can fairly say that player is bad at making three pointers, but not say that his effort is bad is totally ridiculous.”

    Actually not ridiculous at all. Making 3 pointers is concrete evidence; # attempts & made. How much “effort” required is ambiguous.

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  20. dawgs2014

    dawgs2014 Well-Known Member

    Disagree effort is subjective-if you know what you’re looking for it’s easy to see. Agree effort “does not win the day.” What I do think, which has been said though not enough, is that sometimes people give inconsistent or poor effort bc they don’t know how to “play hard” or “work hard” or do what is necessary to not give poor effort. In other words, it is possible for someone to not play hard bc they haven’t been taught how to play hard. He wouldn’t be the first post player to come into our program under those circumstances.

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