DeShawn Harris-Smith - 2023 Combo Guard (Offered)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by bicknob, Jun 22, 2022.

  1. bicknob

    bicknob Active Member

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  2. Ster8462

    Ster8462 Well-Known Member

    Same school as AT PaulVI Catholic in Fairfax VA. Believe that is where Thompson played at
  3. NCJon

    NCJon Well-Known Member VIP Member

    With that Twitter handle, this should be a quick one.
  4. TheDawgDub95

    TheDawgDub95 Well-Known Member VIP Member

    We definitely have a type, so far with our 4 offers for 2023.

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  5. PointGuardEyes

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  6. I Am Butler

    I Am Butler Well-Known Member

    They are working on getting Joey Hart to campus for an unofficial visit. Fits the same mold.
  7. oldstyle1908

    oldstyle1908 Active Member

    I live close to Linton and have seen a few games. I think Joey Hart is a good player but I am not sure he is Big East. I think he would be a good fit for ISU or UE. Again I don’t want to sound like I am downgrading the young man. He is a solid ball player
  8. znelson15

    znelson15 Well-Known Member

    I am on board based on his size alone. More of the size of guards and wings I want to see at butler

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  9. ap234

    ap234 Well-Known Member

    That may be true but he was the leading scorer in the Under Armour circuit during the first live evaluation period. If he does that again in July it could cause more teams to take notice as a 6’4-6’5 shooter. Teams will take that to fill a role.
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  10. CarmelDawg23

    CarmelDawg23 Well-Known Member

    No going to lie, I had to do a double take when I read "one-legged leaper" in the evaluation report before I realized what they were referring to.
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  11. BigHoss

    BigHoss Well-Known Member

    I don’t know if I’ve ever read a scouting report that thorough on a recruit before. Wow
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  12. jal8908

    jal8908 Well-Known Member VIP Member

    No kidding!

    Reading through that makes me think of a Rose Jones/Khyle Marshall mashup who has a chance of also developing a jump shot
  13. ButlerHoopsFan

    ButlerHoopsFan Well-Known Member

    Top 100 recruits you mean? Ain’t it a thing of beauty!

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  14. TheDawgDub95

    TheDawgDub95 Well-Known Member VIP Member

    That's definitely a thing of beauty, but all of the offers are taller combo guards. I think it's interesting they have prioritized this position as heavily as they have.

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  15. BUcheer

    BUcheer Well-Known Member VIP Member

    As of now the only player we know that’s leaving next year is Eric Hunter.
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  16. SnoopDawg

    SnoopDawg Well-Known Member

  17. bumba

    bumba Well-Known Member

    Offer from Virginia Tech. This kid will blow up.
  18. seadawg

    seadawg Well-Known Member VIP Member

    He already has...
  19. Cranjis McBasketball

    Cranjis McBasketball Well-Known Member

    What worries me is his shooting. Not to make comparisons to AT, but other than the fact he is bigger, and stronger than AT was, DeShawn primarily scores by driving and using strength around the rim to fill the stat sheet. My fear is we lose a 40% 3P shooter in Hunter and get a 25% 3P% defender/driver who opponents will sag off of. I’m sure he will be great on teams with adequate 3P threats but we haven’t demonstrated we have that yet.

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  20. Mr X

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